Opening post.

Hello folks, this is my first post here at WordPress. I’m an “orphan” from the MyOpera community which is slated to close down this coming March, so all I had there either has to be moved (I’ve decided not to for a number of reasons) or lost this coming March. A friend over thataway named Josh said he’s backing up everything, so maybe it won’t all be lost but right now that’s the way to bet.

I’m going to try to have a bit of fun here, post some pictures and hopefully be a bit more active than I was there (more than a year between posts is almost somnambulistic) and in general hopefully make someone other than me actually want to read this. For those of you interested, here’s the old place’s address. The blog wasn’t bad, the photos are fair to middlin’ and I’ve enjoyed sparring with the friends I made there. I’m going to miss the place but all things have their season, after all, and times change.

Edit; add-on: This post seems to attract comments that I have to delete on a fairly regular basis. I daresay most of these comments are posted by “spambots”. So, a word to those who actually ARE human and trying to leave links in your comments: At least pretend that you actually read this post and are making an intelligent comment on what you read. Who knows, maybe I’ll authorize your comment so it gets published. Any comment that looks as though you never even bothered to read the post you’re commenting on will be deleted without mercy. I can’t be bothered with brain-dead attempts to post comments that serve only for link-backs and make no attempt to have intelligent conversation.

Good day.


7 thoughts on “Opening post.

  1. Guess who’s here:D
    Yeah, I’ve backed that up, including – separately – the pictures used there:proud:
    It’s interesting an anonym can comment here, can’t I?;) Nah… O’k – I’m logging in with Facebook:devil: 3:) (Do here some smilies exist or what?:irked:)

    • Plans?? You want PLANS???
      OK, truth is my plans when I opened this were pretty basic. This is the plain-Jane offering that WordPress gives you when you sign on for a free blog, there are a few choices to dress it up that are free, then after that if you want something fancier expect to spend something
      I’m still playing this “by ear” as we say here, I expect I will dress things up a bit as time goes on if for no other reason than the possibility exists that I could actually get a readership willing to contribute (by clicking on ads) and the only way to do that is to put together something people will want to read.
      About anonymous posting: The first legitimate comment was mine, testing that very thing. I wanted to see if anonymous posting could happen (I have friends from several different places who might want to comment) or if someone had to become a member here to comment. Fortunately, this place allows anonymous comment. It’s the very devil on clamping down on spam though, I’ve had very little of it to date that I have to deal with.

  2. Sorry, “what are…”.
    I’ve dropped by to share something, by the way.
    The thing is, they’ve got moving my threads on the Sanctuary at their own discretion – I just created one about the radio in “the Lounge”, then tore it to pieces when it occurred in the wrong place immediately after. So, this sharing would nicely go there – but ALAS!…
    I remember you don’t mind listening to the radio on the road?:) I’ve found a site about media, and wondered about DAB — do you have an idea what it is?
    Now, they’re in the car:

    Hey! I got upset there, and clamoured a bit… 🙂

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