Another quickie thought.

This is filler as much as anything, talking to myself in order to think out loud (I do that in real life, so– don’t worry overmuch about it).

A few days back another friend suggested that I should post photos on Now, I’ve done it and the site isn’t a bad one for sharing photos with friends and family. It is found wanting in one area though and for me it’s critical. Every now and then I get involved in a forum conversation and the desire to post one of my photos comes up. Posting direct from my computer files is not going to happen on the forum in question since it requires the photos to come from a website. 2liv3 has disabled the right-click on their site so there is no way I know to select one photo from the album and share it on a forum. Of course there are other sites that do allow it but I’m thinking I may be spreading myself a little thin. Soooooo…… I see this site has the space– a little bit of storage for reduced-size photos (the original size, if posted, would blow the forum beyond reason). This place has right-click capabilities and that can make this THE place for what I need. Pardon my little bit of ad for this site, but– . I think I’ll give it a shot in the near future and see what can be made of it.


4 thoughts on “Another quickie thought.

  1. Let me check some formatting from another site? (In case it will work here.)
    Making text look pretty

    Make something *bold* by surrounding it in stars.
    Make something _italic_ by surrounding it in underscores.
    Make something -struck through- by surrounding it in dashes.
    For a link, “Media UK”: will make a clickable link, looking like this: Media UK.

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