Unidentifiable mystery meat.

Otherwise known as spam. I’ve just had a housecleaning, and in the process learned a thing or three about identifying this electronic form of nuisance. What I found was a bunch of comments that had high praise– bordering on the ridiculous– for my blog, even in one case declaring that I must have read his mind and written an e-book about it. Now, right away you have to know something is a little “off” about such comments, since while I hope my blog is good I would have to admit that even my best effort since I started keeping a blog isn’t much better than marginal. I have a couple of followers and I’ve gotten a “like” or two that are legitimate, but by and large the comments have left much to be desired in terms of legitimacy.

On top of the lavish praise for an effort that doesn’t yet justify such praise, I found on clicking the links that every last one of these comments came from a foreign-language site that was trying to sell something. North-Face jackets being sold on French-language sites was most common, followed by a German-language site selling the same thing and a Chinese site selling Blue-Ray devices.

In a strange sort of way I’m actually thankful for this, since it hones my skills as a moderator elsewhere. Being able to recognize spam when you see it is important to keep blogs and forums free of the commercial clutter.

So– as of right now the only comments showing here are my own, and I wouldn’t mind getting some legitimate comments here. I’ve seen other blogs, am following a couple, so I know what a legitimate comment looks like. If you think my blog is really good– say so. If you think it could use some improvement– it probably could, and a little bit of advice never hurts. Just, please don’t get ridiculous. Lavish praise for a mediocre effort stands out like a sore thumb, and so does trashing a really superb effort.

If I visit your blog and like what I see, I may post a link right here on the front so others can see you too– I’ve already done this with Matt Walsh’s blog because he said something I liked. This is not, in my opinion, spam– it’s the free exchange of links to places we like– so don’t be afraid to post a comment just because I state I’ve already had a rough time. Hey, this is my first couple of weeks on WordPress.com, so of course I’m having “teething troubles” here– but it will work out OK I think.

Til next time.


13 thoughts on “Unidentifiable mystery meat.

  1. I’ll have to set up the “contact me” thing. It’s not automatically set up, it has to be done manually. That allows the blogger to decide to use a different email address from his/her regular one, in that way the user can determine where the email comes from and if the blog is a potential source of spam.

    • It’s using UTC-6, Central Standard Time here in the States. You’re burning the midnight oil if you’re posting from Russia.
      Note: Tomorrow and probably part of Saturday I’ll be away. A run to Omaha has been dropped into my lap, good money so I’ll be on the road.

      Edit; correction: I just received a call a few minutes ago that the Omaha run is canceled. I may still get something– I’m top of the list right now– but that run isn’t going to happen. So, it remains to be seen if I’m here to respond to these comments tomorrow.

    • Did they say why DnD was going to go down, like for maintenance, or did it happen by surprise? I like a little warning, then I know what to expect.
      Still down about 20 minutes ago, not sure when it might come back up.

      • Who should’ve said what?:D
        When – newsbreakingly – I informed Frenzie about the “Oops”, he first said he’d used the site just now…. Soon he disappeared. :O :/ πŸ˜€

      • I just sent an email to Franz, we’ll see what turns up.

        Edit; add-on: 9:40 3/21/2014. Franz replied, it is a DNS server issue. The primary server is down, the secondary server had/has an error that won’t allow the site to come up for more than brief moments. This could take awhile.

  2. Down. 20 hours by now.
    Opera forums’ new ‘lounge’ has seen little attendance recently. I’ve resorted to a newly found discussion place – you could happen to notice a link to that: it’s a good site all about the UK’s various media – with much possibility for discussion, like a forum (and I won’t say its interface or whatever is worse than opera.com’s).

  3. DnD appears to be back up again. If that’s the case and it stays up, it’s gonna get mighty quiet around here again. Probably put a torchlight procession on the top and nobody will know a thing about it.

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