Re: Something bothered me— Part two.

In the earlier posting with this similar title, I made mention of the fact that I buy books of a Christian/religious nature at truck stops. I favor the Pilot/Flying J stops for a number of reasons, and amongst other things I do while there I will visit the book stand. Recently, a book I purchased gave me pause because it seemed as though God only speaks to pastors and in any case not much lower than the deacons. That leaves the rest of us with a big problem if that were the case.

Well, since then I’ve had the chance to read quite a bit deeper into that book- “The Sure Cure for Worry” by Kent Crockett– and while it is certainly true that the book is heavily leaning towards God answering prayers and leading ministers, it is written in fact for everybody, and the principles in the book apply to anyone who wants to believe what the Bible says about God and His ability and desire to lead us in life’s challenges.

I wonder– should I write a book?? Maybe. One thing about it, since I’m not a professional minister– I drive a cargo van in expedited freight service– I can just about guarantee that it would be about the rest of us by default. To that end, the idea of getting contributions from “the rest of us” to be included in such a book wouldn’t be a bad idea either. People in all walks of life have need to call on God, and to trust Him when the going gets tough after all.


Second item on the agenda: I said earlier that I am not above posting links to other folk’s blogs that I think are worthwhile. With that thought in mind, here are two that I’ve been following:

I get a bit of something out of following these two blogs, maybe you will too.


2 thoughts on “Re: Something bothered me— Part two.

  1. O’k, 🙂 as DnD is still down, let’s get a conversation.
    You said the main characters in that reading were priests and alike – “high people”, right? But you know what? That seems an ‘old style’ is the sense that most heroes in “teachy” books must be – who? Right – princes and princesses:D Nah, you’ll remind me of Cinderella? :nono: She became the Prince’s wife after all – a future queen.:) 😉

  2. Moses started out as a basket case. When God called him, he was shepherding his father-in-law’s sheep, with every prospect of finishing his days in the wilderness doing that. So– who knows? The next great world leader might be driving a cargo van in America’s Midwest and we just don’t know it yet.

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