Kicking back a bit.

I’ve been kicking back a bit today not doing much. Partly, it’s the nature of the job I have. Expedited driving resembles firefighting in that you’re on call, not doing much until the bell rings– then when the bell rings you move until the job is done, then head back to your home base to await the next call. So– I’m between calls at the moment.

I note that this site allows you to make it snow at this time of year as a festive touch. I will probably take a pass on that, only Santa sees more snow than I will and quite frankly I see enough to last a while. Sure I’ll get a call to head for Battle Creek, that takes me around the Lake Michigan snow belt and it can just about shut down Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Lower Michigan just when I’m trying to get through there. Just as an experiment I’m going to see if I can include a couple of photos here, they were taken last year in the Galena territory of Northwestern Illinois during some snowy weather. US 20 goes through some hill country there and snow can make the trip treacherous.

snowy snowy2

Special note; I shouldn’t have had to add this but events leave no choice: For some reason– possibly the photos– this post attracts spam. Spammers, quit wasting your time. This site has an effective filter, further any spam comment has to go through me before it ever gets to the comment section. I delete without mercy any spam I see, so you get zero rewards for your efforts. There are places on the Internet to post your ads and spam-links, but— this ain’t it.


Today’s quickie thought.

I’m just jotting down a few stray thoughts here, don’t mind me. Gotta keep this critter going, y’know.

It can be a bit of a job keeping something like this going, my imagination isn’t as wonderful as one would hope and of course there’s my schedule or lack thereof. Driving “on call” for an expedited freight service means I could be gone for some little time so a regular schedule here isn’t going to happen. At the moment I have two machines available, but in May of next year at the latest it becomes chancy at best to bring the old machine online.

Of course, my job also gives me fuel for this blog and I am considering that. I have a camera– two cameras, actually, one is a regular digital camera and the other is the ubiquitous cell-phone camera, so between those two I have capabilities to post some photos here. Some photos I already have, I just have to dig them up and post them. Some photos are still out in the field, I have to take them first. I’m inclined within a few days to let y’all see how I live when on the road (it’s primitive, trust me on this– but then, sleeping in a cargo van can hardly be other than primitive). I have a relining seat that I rely on heavily, when I have the space I have a cot and an air mattress (the cot keeps the air mattress off of the floor, this helps keep one warm believe it or not) and I have the Big Buddy heater which, with a small fan, has proven itself many a night.

At that, my end of the business isn’t as primitive as it might be. I’m on what we in the trade call “turn and burn”. I make the pickup, usually near home here in the Western ‘Burbs, then take it to the delivery. Once delivered, I turn around and come back home to await the next run. I don’t make as much money as some in the business, but on the flip side I only have one or two nights on the road. I know guys who haven’t been home in a couple of months, so imagine living in a Chevy full-size van for a couple of months at a time and you have their lifestyle. Actually, it’s not bad if you don’t weaken and to be truthful I’ve been giving it some thought. In that case, this new laptop that I’m typing on now will become my “road unit” and I will be able to keep up with this nearly every day even on the road.

Next time—.


Opening post.

Hello folks, this is my first post here at WordPress. I’m an “orphan” from the MyOpera community which is slated to close down this coming March, so all I had there either has to be moved (I’ve decided not to for a number of reasons) or lost this coming March. A friend over thataway named Josh said he’s backing up everything, so maybe it won’t all be lost but right now that’s the way to bet.

I’m going to try to have a bit of fun here, post some pictures and hopefully be a bit more active than I was there (more than a year between posts is almost somnambulistic) and in general hopefully make someone other than me actually want to read this. For those of you interested, here’s the old place’s address. The blog wasn’t bad, the photos are fair to middlin’ and I’ve enjoyed sparring with the friends I made there. I’m going to miss the place but all things have their season, after all, and times change.

Edit; add-on: This post seems to attract comments that I have to delete on a fairly regular basis. I daresay most of these comments are posted by “spambots”. So, a word to those who actually ARE human and trying to leave links in your comments: At least pretend that you actually read this post and are making an intelligent comment on what you read. Who knows, maybe I’ll authorize your comment so it gets published. Any comment that looks as though you never even bothered to read the post you’re commenting on will be deleted without mercy. I can’t be bothered with brain-dead attempts to post comments that serve only for link-backs and make no attempt to have intelligent conversation.

Good day.