Shut down by the storm..

I’m shut down by the storm today, even though it IS possible to get around in the Chicago Metro Area it has been slippery and cold– and once you get beyond the Metro Area and get out into open country wind-driven snow makes travel hazardous at best. So– a bit of filler.

I’ve been reading several other blogs here, I see potential for this one once I get my “sea legs” and begin publicizing the thing. I’ve held off up to now because there hasn’t been enough put together by me to justify going all-out. That will change in the near future because it’s part of the plan, and now with ten posts to my credit there begins to be a base to build on. I do not expect, rationally, to be able to keep up with the likes of WUWT, (that guy is remarkably busy, and if his blog isn’t making him some money it’s because he doesn’t want to) but some of the other blogs I see here and have been following– I’m following about half a dozen of you at present– are well within range of somebody I can keep up with.

My thoughts on the matter are that it is high time I start reflecting my faith– I’m a member of the A of G and therefore have Pentecostal leanings– in my writings so expect to see more of that. I can attest at this time that God has seen me through some tight spots, and through reading both the Bible and books that I pick up elsewhere it appears that walking by faith is not a simple thing so it’s time to really examine this. To that end, I will of course seek education and the Face of God, because this whole thing originates with Him in any case.




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