How’s about another post?

It’s about time I add a little to this blog, if for no other reason than my last post was half a month ago. I never seem to want to write here when I have time, but when I’m on the road I can think of dozens of things to write about. So—

I’ve been given something to think about by other people’s blogs here. Turns out that being divorced and alone is fairly common, enough so that the experience is by no means unwritten about. I’ve been following te writings of a fellow who says he’s not tall enough to ride, or something like that, and of course it’s a sentiment I share since I, too, have seen the ads in the singles columns where the ladies ask for gentlemen who are tall (like, over 6′–at 5’5″ I’ll never make the “tall” selection) financially secure (I never have been that, having to scramble to pay bills and being financially secure can’t ordinarily be said in the same sentence) and handsome (I’ve been told I’m not bad looking, might be handsome– but handsome, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder).

Being a divorced Christian carries its own baggage, if you read the literature you find it hard to believe I could ever date again without committing adultery– how my divorce came about having little to do with it.

In any case, my last divorce — I’ve been through two marriage and divorces, both times to the same woman, the second marriage was a “reconciliation” marriage– my last divorce was memorable. It was enough to make me swear off ever buying another ring, and even dating. I’ve been divorced since November of 2009, and haven’t been out on a proper date since. Not that I wouldn’t like a woman’s company, mind you– but the thought of ever again going through another time like the last one makes me run cold.

Maybe someday I’ll expand on this thought. Maybe not. It depends, if the visitor or two who actually reads this replies I suppose I might be encouraged to expand on this. Otherwise, I’ll drift off onto other thoughts as I get the notion.


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