NSA spying, and why you SHOULD be concerned.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and communicating only by hand-written notes delivered by people known to you, you’ve no doubt heard about American spy agencies and their penchant for listening– and reading– everything that passes electronically. Here on WordPress we just had a blog— see here: http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2014/02/11/the-day-we-fight-back/ that goes into some detail about fighting back by displaying a banner ad.

Now, obviously anybody who gets bent out of shape because the NSA might see your publicly viewable blog, or a forum post (I am personally guilty of many forum posts on several different sites) might have a screw loose. Blogs and forums are generally PUBLIC, which means anybody can read these things whenever they feel like it. Same thing goes for anything posted to varying degrees of public exposure on social media, like Facebook or Twitter.

When we get to things like text messages, email, your phone calls and so on, things get quite a bit dicier really fast. You have, or should have, a reasonable expectation of privacy when you’re calling your wife, for example. It’s none of my business whether the call you make to your wife is about when dinner is going to be ready, who picks up the kids or what kinky sex positions you have planned for tonight. It’s really none of the NSA’s business, either– but they MAY be sticking their nose in it. They say they’re only collecting “metadata” like phone numbers called, duration of call and so on, but the NSA is filled with professional liars so I wouldn’t take anything they say at face value these days.

For those of you who live in the United States and think that if you’re not doing anything wrong, it shouldn’t bother you— I have bad news. It most certainly SHOULD bother you, if for no other reason than that your Constitutional rights— rights our guys and lately gals in uniform have been supposedly at least fighting and dying to protect– are getting trashed right and left lately. You can just about forget about the 4th Amendment– that’s the one that says the government can’t come in and search and seize anything without proper warrants– because the government has determined that if they lie and use enough weasel words you don’t HAVE any 4th Amendment rights and they can pretty much do as they please– without cause, without even any suspicion that you might be doing something wrong, really just because the government guy feels like it.

How “public” do you really want to be? Hey, you’ve got nothing to hide, right?? Maybe tell us ALL about how many times you and your significant other have sex, who your friends are and where you met them, who your business associates are and where you met them and so on. Did you cheat on your taxes? How about cheating on your Significant Other? Come on, out with it! After all, you’ve got nothing to hide, right???

If you wouldn’t post your private details in the comments below— and I’m betting that anybody sane wouldn’t– then why in God’s Name do you think it’s OK to give the NSA Cart Blanche to raid those very same details at will, without cause and without even letting you know that you now live in their goldfish-bowl??? I fancy I might be interested in reading that reasoning in the comments here. How’sabout it?


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