This is filler

I see that today I’ve had 5 visitors, so maybe a little something is in order.

In the last few days one of the forums I regularly visit/post on has blown up. The situation has become unmanageable so several of us “regular posters” have moved to a new– and I mean it didn’t exist yesterday new– forum. I don’t know at this writing how long this is going to last because my own experience with a board that got started by renegades shows that these things don’t always end well. The malcontents who started that board, an offshoot of a handyman forum, managed to keep it together for a few months but the day came when even the board owner couldn’t be bothered to visit anymore so the board died. Right now, I don’t think even the parent board exists anymore– the organization that ran it seemed to think we were there for them to foist third-rate “tools” on us and then have us pay for stuff we never ordered– so I have a thought that people in general got fed up and left in droves. Understandable, since professional and really good hobby handymen hate being played for fools and won’t stand for it indefinitely.

In the present case, several of us have suffered from renegade moderation and it finally came to a head yesterday. The posts got crazy for a bit, then the thread suddenly disappeared– but not before I got a good look at it. Somebody is pulling a fast one, and this is one time when what we are being told and what is actually happening are not necessarily one and the same thing. So– a new forum got started, and now it remains to be seen whether this thing has “legs” or if it will be a flash in the pan that won’t exist six months from now. Forums that start like this one don’t seem to finish well as a general rule, but there are always exceptions to the rule.


6 thoughts on “This is filler

  1. Josh, this is almost fall-down-laughing funny. You go ballistic if someone goes off-topic on one of your threads on DnD, now you can’t seem to be bothered to even read the post you’re replying to here. I’ll let it go because I’m an easygoing sort of guy— but it is something you might want to keep in mind.

      • Josh, this is one time you can’t have any idea what I was talking about anyway. Different forums entirely than the one you may have thought I was referring to. Nope, it wasn’t about MyOpera or DnDsanctuary. This filler piece was about two completely different forum systems. The handyman forum and its off-shoot happened about 5 years back, that’s all water under the dam now. The other one is still playing out, the original being a Christian forum that is being run by folks who have forgotten a few things about getting along with people apparently and now we have a couple of different off-shoot systems that sprang from that. I belong to one of the new systems, “Friends without benefits” which springs out of the original Mature Singles sub-forum on the old system.

  2. As long as it’s a ‘filler’ and an older post, have you made out yet about some “markdown” of sorts here? For example, if it’s possible to do quotes?
    > quote

    bq. blockquote


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