I got a problem settled..



Yes, I got a problem settled, and I have to thank WordPress for making it happen the way I need for it to happen.

See, it’s like this: I have photos in a couple of different albums elsewhere on the web, and it turns out that it is an impossibility to share these photos outside of those sites– so right now, they’re sort of useless. I want to be able to share photos on forums, amongst other things, and that can be difficult if your photos are on a site that doesn’t allow right-click and in general makes sharing as hard as possible.

So, I gave the matter some thought. I re-sized some photos, since one other problem is that original-size photos tend to blow up some forums beyond reason– then put them here. This works, I can right-click, select from the menu what I need, then copy and paste where needed.

Now, of course, I’m really beginning to think about what to do with this site, and — I think I’m going to up-grade in the near future. This blog can look a lot better– right now it’s pretty plain– and the added storage that comes with upgrading is worth it IF you can use the thing to begin with.


Special note to Josh, in case you’re still around: The photo above was shot exactly as things were. There was nothing wrong with the camera, the fact is that the sky was hazy that day and that accounts for the washed-out appearance of the sky. I couldn’t have gotten a clear sky if I’d used the best camera on Earth– I had to take what nature dished out that day. Yes, that is me standing by my van.


11 thoughts on “I got a problem settled..

  1. 1: albums. Where you said sharing hadn’t worked properly? 2liv3?
    2: camera. You’re not right, and I could prove it (though I already proved it on the deceased site): there _are_ cameras which optics allow them to adjust contrasts – they even not professional (though I guess professional ones can do the adjustment better). I already told you, or it was just some information on the old site, that I had (still having) a camera-phone whose camera gets shots on a rather professional level (if you visit my Facebook page, you could enjoy some. Because MY SPECIALTY is PHOTOGRAPHING THE SKY, ye know!);))

    • If you have a hazy sky– which is what I had that day– you get a washed-out appearance. I have other photos, taken by the same camera, which don’t have this effect– because the sky was in a different mood those days. I’ve got photos with blue sky, with various types of cloud cover and so on. That day had a hazy sky. Contrast couldn’t help much. Hey, I’ve got Photoshop here, and the only way to “fix” the sky in that shot is to paint it.

      • Got it.
        And still, as long as (if) we’re gonna settle that up onto a common site or something, I’m now to remind you about the Facebook possibility. In case you’re having “privacy” concerns, welcome emailing me or something.
        I mean what? I could further visit you here, but we still don’t have any common playground in terms of photosharing yet, right? I hope you don’t mind such a – yet another – reminder, huh? 😉
        Looking forward to our future pics cooperation, right?;) :beer: 🌯

  2. Hey, I don’t know about other cameras much, though I know about mine. I’ve got a PANTECH camera-phone. Unfortunately, its accumulator’s run out of its life, so I’m gonna need another camera. I was thinking about a cheap Nikon. Don’t know nothing about Fujis (like yours), though…
    When I’m ready somewhere else, I could share something – unless you’re gonna check those on Facebook.:P

  3. There’s one big difference between your camera phone and my Fuji, anyway.
    You know about the “Selfie” craze these days, right? You hold your camera-phone out at arm’s length, aim it at your self and take the picture. Or, you head to the bathroom, stand in front of the mirror and take the photo of yourself.

    Well, the photo you see above is a selfie. But I’m not holding the camera. And I’m not standing in front of the bathroom mirror, The camera was mounted on a tripod (try doing that with a camera phone) and the built-in timer was set. The timer gives me about a minute to get into the photo from the time I press the shutter button until it “clicks”. A “selfie” that looks like somebody else was holding the camera— what will they think of next?

  4. So, what about the services? What’s the other?
    [psst]And you definitely should try other cameras – to start with;) We – with a friend of mine – just got some sky pics on his smartphone or whatever it was — there I’ve got a proof there are other _normal_ cameras aside my PANTECH:P So… You try trying some, okey?:)[/psst]

  5. I have two cameras– well, three but the last one is a movie camera that doesn’t work well with internet, it’s old and will have to be replaced someday. Other than the Fuji, I also have a camera in the phone. Not sure what brand it is, but it’s a somewhat simpler version of what I have in the Fuji. It can’t be mounted in a tripod unless you use lots of duct tape, no timer, not as good with focusing, the phone-camera is a basic point-and-shoot.

    The other sites? Well, 2liv3 of course. It doesn’t allow for right-click, sharing a photo from there is an exercise in futility. Vivaldi— Vivaldi.net has a host of problems. For a site that was supposed to have been put together by the same guys who started the original Opera browser, the Vivaldi site looks and acts like it was thrown together by high-school amateurs as an after-school project. Sharing photos is the least of the problems with the site.

  6. I mean what?
    I mean that the COLOURS of the sky are usually practically the same in my sky&light photos as it appeared to my eye at the moment.
    There are other examples – shot by a not-so-good camera – where the colours were DOA “by default”.
    I don’t blame your skills, neither I have anything to dislike in your photo here. It’s just that I did see your other photos with the Fuji (on THAT site), and you know what I thought and noticed then. When something junks natural colours, it junks natural colours, sorry. (Let alone the BAD pixels.)

    • Well, I should admit that if, say, the sky is a total clear bright and is a background for some much darker objects, there’s only the choice between getting the dark part unintelligible or the [sky] background (more or less) saturated. Then I only know of “postproduction” means to bring all that to terms – such as software used by astrophotographers to create those outputs we see in magazines etc.

    • How did it happen that I can see some photos in my reply? Is it a Facebook feature or what?
      What’s in my original text? I can neither see it nor remember.

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