I finally had to do it.

It couldn’t be helped, it had to be done.


I know that many sites depend on ad revenue to stay online, and many people put up stuff– You-Tube for example, just about everything you see is ad-supported one way or another– with the hope of generating revenue to at least support the site, and some are generating their living that way. I have some idea that in the future, when it makes some sort of sense– right now it doesn’t– I might try to earn a few dollars that way myself. WordPress does have the ability to generate income for the blogger by hosting ads, and if the ads behave themselves it’s a workable arrangement.

By and large, I don’t mind banner ads that behave themselves. They’re there, and you can take it or leave it– no problem. My problem is with the in-your-face, pop-up, auto play, won’t let you do what you came to the website to do type of ad. These annoyances need to go, and the people who thought this was a good idea need to be banished forever to the farthest, most uninhabitable, no-Internet-access place that can be found.

Yesterday, I was trying to read some comics on one of my favorite sites for that purpose. The ads made the site intolerable, so much so that rather than being entertained by the comics, I was enraged by the ads. This is something I hope doesn’t happen here with readers of this site– you don’t come here primarily to read ads, you come here to read my scribbles and hopefully get something useful out of it. Or, at least if you are annoyed, you’re annoyed at what I wrote and not by some pesky auto-play ad for something you’re not the least bit interested in buying.

So, yesterday morning I had to stop reading the comics, and download and deploy an ad blocker. Peace reigns at last, now I can read comics– and other websites– without being driven insane by obnoxious advertising.

A note to advertisers: You might want to think about this. I for one do not have a problem with ads that behave themselves. I understand the desire to get people to buy your product or service, and the only way to let people know you exist is to advertise. We the people get that. The problem comes in when your advertising gets so in-your-face that people become annoyed, then enraged. Then they begin to deploy ad-blockers, and the very thing you were trying to do works against you. Now nobody can see your ad because you went too far. How did you benefit? Keep it cool, friend. Put up your full-color banner ad–no problem. But, the instant you try to force people to interact with your ad rather than the website they’re actually trying to visit, you work against yourself and end up destroying that which you were trying to create.

Think about it.


3 thoughts on “I finally had to do it.

  1. Just encountered a creepy thing.
    I use a “Media.UK” site – for info and chatting, and it didn’t use to behave this way – it’s new: I was reading a thread, about to reply, but went away for awhile; I come back – WTF! some shitty entirely new/different page instead of where I was! I hit “back” guessing if I appeared where I was, but the ad page had simply replaced that one, so I got one step back of it.
    It happened once more in another thread there – fairly soon after I got there, and I was reading the “OP” at the moment.
    Nice, huh?

    • News outlets are getting particularly bad about this. Before I downloaded the adblocker, the Chicago Tribune was just about impossible. Click on a story, and just as you’re starting to read the story greys out and a pop-up ad takes the place of the story. And this makes you want to buy a Toyota exactly how? If you don’t already drive that brand of car, the ad made you angry enough to swear that you would NEVER, EVER buy that brand of car before clicking the “X” button that closes the ad and allows you to continue reading the story. Note: I use Toyota only as an example here, this is not to imply that Toyota dealers use this type of ads, or that they’re the only offenders if they do use this type of ad. Pop-up ads have become such an annoyance that almost anything advertized that way goes on my “Do Not Buy” list just because of the ad– the opposite of what the advertiser intended to happen.

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