Off the rails – Godzilla and climate

There just isn’t much you can say about a thing like this.
FWIW, I’m something of a skeptic. These rent-a-horror ideas about all the bad stuff CAGW is supposed to do won’t make me stop being a skeptic any time soon.

double facepalm

Watts Up With That?

I had thought to myself a couple of days ago that something like this might happen, but then I dismissed it as too #^&^#*@! stupid for anyone to even attempt.

Boy, was I wrong. I should have listened to the lessons learned from Sharknado!

Get a load of this, you wonโ€™t believe it. My brain still hurts.

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18 thoughts on “Off the rails – Godzilla and climate

  1. I just got back at 2230 local time here last night. I find out that you may have really stepped in it this time. Not sure Ersi or anybody else can do much. You were told, several times, that you were getting yourself into trouble but you kept charging on. Now you’re stuck until the powers-that-be say different.

    • NB: What I was stepping on was a certain douchebag’s tail. Which douchebag is solely responsible for what he’s done – not me. I have a legal case against that douchebag; there’s some material stuff in my PM box, however due the douchebag’s whimsical doings I can’t do what I intended to – post that stuff in the “Forum Language” thread.
      So, in this exact course of affair I’m a victim, not perpetrator. **I** am the person who’s accusing. In case y’all just “can’t stand” me or something – that’ll be ANOTHER issue – not at all justifying any current whimsical undertakings by a perpetrator.

      • Yeah, I know Franz has a blog. He’s replied here from it a couple of times I think. DnDsanctuary started as an offshoot of his blog, when D&D needed space in semi-emergency conditions. If you have a blog and a few gigabytes of space to spare, it’s not hard to host a forum these days. There are carloads of free forums to be had just for signing up and saying you want to host a forum. Getting somebody to actually post anything on your forum—- that’s not so easy. I know of a few that died for lack of interest, one so bad that even the host couldn’t be bothered to post there after a few months had passed. A pity, it was initially a good handyman-related forum too.

    • I think DnD is probably safe for the time being anyway. The issues that killed the handyman forum don’t seem to exist at DnD, seems a topically driven forum like ours will always find something to keep it going. Right now I expect there may be a “Summer slump” which many boards experience as people get outside in good weather rather than pound keyboards in the house— but dying completely? Nope, not unless politicians stop doing crazy things and airliners quit disappearing and the NSA quits spying on everything imaginable.

  2. Josh, if you came here expecting me to take your side in this fight you’re having with DnDsanctuary, I have bad news for you. I ain’t agoin’ ta doit.

    First, because I’m not entirely sure you didn’t bring it on yourself. I’ve seen the posts, I’ve seen them warn you,– heck, I’ve warned you once or twice myself– and I’ve seen you roll right past the warnings uttering bad words in the process.

    What did you expect, really? Did you really expect they were going to allow you to keep charging through like a mad bull in a china shop and not do SOMETHING?

    Look, I’m not inclined to fly off the handle at little provocation, but I guarantee that if you think you can ignore warnings and swear at me I would ban you, and do it quickly too.

    Yes, I as a moderator over there am privy to both sides of this story now. So, the only “help” I can offer would be to tell you that if you want to be a “Grammar Nazi”, drop the “F-Bomb” on people who disagree with you and in general be hard to live with, start your own forum. Then you can do all of that stuff and more also, and nobody can say anything against you because you’re the forum owner. There’s plenty of free-forum choices out there, pick one.

    Wait— that might not be entirely true now that I think of it. True, if you go to Aimoo or Pro Boards or Simple Machines, you can start your own forum for free, but— even as the forum administrator you still can’t get away with everything.

    See, it’s like this: Aimoo, Pro Boards and Simple Machines all have an interest in keeping their names unsullied, and hosting a renegade forum where the forum’s administrator is being a major problem would work against that. So, even as the “top dawg” on your own forum you might have to keep a check on yourself so you don’t say stuff that gets you shut down. It can– and will– happen.

    TL;DR: Sorry, can’t help you much.

    • “Josh, if you came here expecting me to take your side in this fight youโ€™re having with DnDsanctuary…” No.
      So you can delete all the further words there. Right?

  3. Special note to anybody else coming here (not that there has been anybody, this is about the most private publicly available place on the Internet) but if you were coming here expecting comments about Godzilla and Climate Change— sorry about that. I recognize that the discussion about Josh’s banning from DnDsanctuary doesn’t affect most people, but— he needed to vent, and I suppose— as long as his venting doesn’t get out of hand– this place is the place he’s chosen.

  4. I’m gonna try some blogging there (I mentioned). Was thinking about some “Climate and Weather” or like that – it could be an all-comprising thing adjacent to some previous attempts you know where.
    Will you come?:)

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