5.7 million dollar NSF grant to Columbia University for climate ‘voice mails from the future’

Voice mails from the future—. Oh, man, you can’t make this stuff up!

Watts Up With That?

You have to wonder who at the National Science Foundation thought funding a website that makes fake voicemails from the future and games that have people running around looking for fictional fallen “chronofacts” (artistic plastic disks named “chronofalls” that apparently fall out of time) was a good idea? Yes, you can hear voicemails from the future about “Arctic Corn” and “Hurricane Simulator Booths”. Your tax dollars at work.


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7 thoughts on “5.7 million dollar NSF grant to Columbia University for climate ‘voice mails from the future’

  1. Not the temperature, at any rate. It’s been mild here, highs rarely exceed the low 80s F.

    I suppose I’ll have to update this blog. Got material, just no real ambition.

    • The second unusual year in a row here. Half the spring was hot & dry; C 30+ days for weeks in summer, mostly dry – like dry-dry.
      You should attend operaforums. We have a lounge there. I insist.:P
      Our group on Facebook has 6 ‘refugees’ now – you’re awaited…

  2. I dunno– I see two smilies in your comments so it must not have been too much trouble.

    You’ll wait awhile to see me in Facebook— like, after the Second Coming. Every time I turn around Facebook is up to something else that makes being there questionable at best.

    Not at all sure I trust Opera in any form either. Throwing the lot of us under the bus the way they did wasn’t exactly a great move. Josh, I sometimes don’t see these comments until late because of other things– like real-world work for instance. Today, I only just got back from an out-of-state delivery run before I saw this and posted it. I know you’re several hours ahead of me, so a combination of time differences and real life make comments a rough means of communication.

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