Time to clear the desk.

I have a few things here, and since it’s been awhile since the last update of this blog maybe it’s time I clear my desk of stuff and put it here where it belongs.

First item: Way back in April, I mentioned a forum I frequent/am a member of. http://mjmsprt40.com/2014/04/15/this-is-filler/ As it happens, due to a number of things both external and–mostly– internal, that forum has run its course and closed just a few minutes ago. A few of us have moved on and will keep things up between us, but– no great surprises. (Note to Josh: No, it’s not DnD. DnD is still in business and still quite healthy, if what I see is any indication.)

The next item is actually an ongoing thing, kinda has to be considering my rather stormy divorce five years back now. My ex and I no longer communicate, and that’s a good thing considering that she likes to use people. Just so’s y’all know.

Some of the stuff concerning this in my mind comes from right here in these WordPress blogs– I’ve been following a few but recently gave up one– and from the fact that I stop at truck stops and look at the books on the racks there. Pilot/Flying J has “Choice Books” available, these are mostly geared towards people of a Christian mindset, and I will at least glance at these every time I’m in there. Lately, I’ve seen a book titled “How to get your husband to talk to you and reveal his heart”. I took a quicky glance through the book, it looks like the authors may be on to something– especially as my past experience says things coulda been better. The TL;DR version runs something like this: If you want your husband to talk, don’t set traps for the poor dude so that everything he says is automatically wrong. I speak here as a man: Once I know I’m in trouble regardless of what I say, silence becomes my native tongue. Then you wonder why we don’t talk about our feelings and so on.

Concerning the blog I stopped following: This one was written by a guy who thinks he’s a king, and he’s going to date and marry someday a loudmouth, opinionated (bless and do not curse) queen– and somehow, he’s going to have a home that you would actually want to live in. I wish him all the luck in the world, he’s gonna need it. Uh, king, you know that’s why old castles had dungeons, don’t you? One of you will be spending a lot of time in it— trust me on this.


Last item: Self flagellation. One blog I presently follow has had a problem with this. I come from a slightly different situation, being that my wife was abusive physically and verbally, but— somewhere along the line if you want a marriage to work it takes two people–OK, I’m a Christian and it really takes three, counting God– to make it work. No amount of repenting and setting yourself straight will do any good if your partner is unwilling to forgive and try again. I see– in a Christian marriage forum, no less– too many stories of men trying to rebuild their marriages after the wife has fallen out of love, but the wife will have none of it and the husband is frozen out regardless of what he does or doesn’t do. At that point I lose some interest in reading about what a piece of crap the husband is, and the wife skates free of any responsibility for the broken marriage. Excuse me, she is at least as much responsible as he is. I can’t in good conscience let her slide while blaming him for everything. If the marriage is to survive whatever happened, it takes both partners making a serious commitment to rebuilding the damaged relationship. Women seem to have a particularly hard time with forgiving past transgressions, they seem as a group to be incapable of it– certainly my ex could drag up stuff from our first marriage in 1989 as if it just happened this morning– but until she does there just isn’t much the man can do.


OK, I lied about that being the last item; this is: It was brought to my attention on the WUWT blog that WordPress has a new editor, namely the “Beep beep boop” editor. It sorta replaces the default editor we’ve known. OK, I used the old editor here because I get here through my dashboard, and usually use the side-bar on the left to find the place where I call the editor up. I did take a quick look at beep beep boop, and maybe next time I’ll give it a quick shake-down cruise. Right now though, it isn’t that much of a bother to get the original editor and just use it.


19 thoughts on “Time to clear the desk.

  1. bq. Note to Josh: No, it’s not DnD. DnD is still in business and still quite healthy, if what I see is any indication.
    > Note to Josh: No, it’s not DnD. DnD is still in business and still quite healthy, if what I see is any indication.
    [quote]Note to Josh: No, it’s not DnD. DnD is still in business and still quite healthy, if what I see is any indication.[/quote]
    Note to Josh: No, it’s not DnD. DnD is still in business and still quite healthy, if what I see is any indication.
    (Just trying to figure out how to quote along the way.)
    What! Those bloody suckers are still giggling around my frozen corpse(s)!?

    Still, Michael, come on tell me you’re coming to (one of) the two other places? I know you’re a busy man, a self-employing capitalist, king of the road, etc.:D
    But – come on! Shoot, would you like to exchange some photos, etc., and “hello-goodbyes” in chat, congregate? (Drop me a mail, if you wish. I’d like us to elucidate if you’re present somewhere, etc.:burrito:)

    • OK, first things first. I know you like to think the folks over by DnD do little else besides talk about you, but— it just ain’t so. It’s been awhile since Frenzie commented on your decidedly negative outpourings on his Facebook wall (one reason, incidentally, why I have little use for Facebook), and at least two weeks since anybody said anything at all at least where I could read it– and as a moderator I do have access to some “behind the scenes” stuff.

      Hmmm— about joining the Opera forums again— I understand my old log-in might still be good, but truth is my interests have been divided so many ways that the last thing I need is yet another forum– especially on a site that tossed us to the street wholesale just a few months back. I’ll grant that they gave us warning so we could collect our stuff before they threw it out, but the effect still left me thinking maybe not again.

      The only reason I can think of for joining Facebook concerns this blog. I could publicize it there IF I had a Facebook account. Beyond that– I really don’t have much of a reason for joining.

      • OK, now you’ve got my curiosity about quoting. I have certain editing tools at my disposal which make it easy, but let’s see if I can do this without those tools. If I make a mess, I do. Bear with me.
        Note to Josh: No, it’s not DnD. DnD is still in business and still quite healthy, if what I see is any indication.

        OK. HTML tags don’t work. I know from Josh’s attempt that the tags we use at the forums don’t work. Frenzie was able to do this a few weeks ago, so there has to be a way for somebody other than me to do it here. Remember for me it’s easy, I have an editor here on MY BLOG that makes it possible by just clicking a button. Let’s see what b-quote does, and if it is reproducible without the editor I’ll let y’all know.

        Note to Josh: No, it’s not DnD. DnD is still in business and still quite healthy, if what I see is any indication.

        OK, that looks like it works. HTML code, the “blockquote”.

      • Funny – I’m getting notifications about myself posting:crazy:(is there a ‘crazy’ smile here?)

        The only reason I can think of for joining Facebook concerns this blog. I could publicize it there IF I had a Facebook account. Beyond that– I really don’t have much of a reason for joining.

        (Let’s see what it does.)
        There are reasons – and there are concerns, right?
        IIRC, you were concerned about privacy there? Is that so?
        What do I say?
        If you are not a damn’ politician, nobody’s gonna really track you there. Are you? 🙂
        I’ve so far indeed experienced certain exposures. But they were all either due to glitches (can’t remember, actually – it was your case.. not your? Uh, rumours, right? somebody told you that their uncle got his privacy settings etc.) or an underdeveloped feature (right – namely one). While pros are immense.
        You can contact with your friends/circles, other people easily, congregate in groups, start projects with ‘pages’, create photoalbums, IDIOTICALLY easy upload and share images, liked articles, name it. Make notes, contact with organisations.
        Vote in polls, comment on.. er.. anything (depending on the holder’s settings, though).
        I should warn you though, that one is responsible for their activity. Like myself, for one, initially started to add pages to the “likes”. Right?
        Nah, I was flooded. Just try not to drown, Michael – this is the only (for a sane person) but a real danger on such a site. 🍸 I-< Cheers!:)

      • Frenzie is a damn idiot: it was a glitch – not ban – however psychological. It’s like a policeman goes nuts and drags somebody in NOT because a law was broken.
        My natural REQUEST was to publicise the conversation with “the policeman” – I didn’t care if the “ban” would overturned: I saw the place where such “policemen” are allowed to be uncomfortable to say the least.
        Then it appeared that the “Interior Minister” thought it was o’k.
        I’m fed up with one such place already – which is Russia. I would go crazy to bear another one.
        What I care of is my friends from MyOpera. Like you. If people there are sane enough – they’ll come to other places.

      • May I recommend that you stop calling Frenzie an “idiot” if you ever hope to sign onto DnD again? Just a thought. Surest way I know to be perma-banned from a place is to call the owner of the place bad names.

        Now– Josh, think carefully before you hit “send” again. You can’t change anything you’ve written here in these comments in case something goes “South” on you. So, until I decide to clean house, all that stuff stays. That means that the fine folks back at DnD can come in here and read what you’ve written. That might not matter to you now, but what about several months from now? Maybe a couple of years, even? That’s the bad part of the Internet– it never forgets ANYTHING.

        Now, I DO have editorial power here so I can delete unfortunate comments made on this blog. But, it’s really better if you do the editing yourself before you click “post comment”. That saves us both a lot of trouble later. Think before posting.

  2. 1. I’m not gonna hope to sign there “back again” till Frenzie gets his wits from the freezer. I’m not gonna beg or even a slight bit get inferior when I’m right. He’s wrong.

    Editorial reply: I’ve cleaned this up because, quite frankly, I don’t need this fight here. This is between you and Frenzie. Bring this here and I’ll run you out of here. Same thing goes for Frenzie if he decides to air his side here. I won’t have it and that’s pretty much that. This is between the two of you and there it stays.

  3. OK, a bit of thought about joining Facebook or the new Opera forums:
    I’m a bit at odds over these two just on general principles, but as it happens I’m already spread a little thin. Besides the aforementioned DnD, I also have space at 2liv3.com that I do little enough with, Vivaldi.net, Expeditors Online, Christian Forums, a radio control site I haven’t visited in ages and of course this blog– and you can see how active–or not– I’ve been here. I also take up space at another Christian site that is presently “cloaked” so only those of us who are members can even see it. Then, sometimes real life steps in and demands front-and-center attention. Do you really think I would have the time for Facebook, which is a notorious time-sink?

    I note that I might have to do it if I mean for this blog to actually go anywhere. Who knows, it might provide income someday (bwa-hahahaha!) In order for that to happen I have to advertise, and one way to do that is to use the tools this place has to make my presence known on the various social-media outlets. Not sure if Facebook does me much good otherwise though.

    • You’re right.
      Operaforums is still a more or less private place (to say), and there is a lounge with, say very low traffic, like not that time-consuming as Facebook;)
      Up to you. I just wanna stay in touch, and all… Like talk sometimes:blue: Like not very public;) (—)

      • You’re a quick sun of a shine!:beer: (Although I don’t currently have any idea on how far those places are from one another;)
        Also, you’re warmly expected on the Forums, so…
        Thursday will be news. You have a bit of that blood, don’t you? 😉 See ya! :cheers:

      • Well, let’s think about that. Picked up in Bloomingdale IL at 11:15 Central, got gas at the nearby Speedway then got rolling. London, Ohio is 360 miles away, approximately. On the map, it’s just Southwest of Columbus, Ohio so that might help you find it. Made the delivery about 2015 Eastern, turned around and headed back. Stopped for a few hours of rest just North of Indianapolis, then arrived back home about 8:00 Central this morning. Actually, on the trip back I took my time.

        About the Opera forum– maybe I’ll poke in there. Maybe not. It depends on my mood.

  4. Michael, I’ve sent you a message from my new mail. You do not need to answer that, and you still may use the old, usual box, for now:) Just so you know.

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