Quickie post concerning spammers.

This is just a quickie. Most of the people who really need to read it will never see it of course because they’re using bots to do their spamming. Still—.

First, I never even see most of it. It stops dead because WordPress has a pretty effective spam blocker. I know it’s there because I see the counts increase in my dashboard. Now, of course I can arrange to see most of it by making a change in my settings, but to date there’s no reason to do that.

Second– no comment from a new poster– spam or not– gets through until I “moderate” it and either accept the comment or reject/delete it. Again, the few spam that make it past the initial block are marked “spam” which means they’re suspect. I look at them and– usually– summarily delete them.

One real giveaway is that the spammer is attempting to respond to an old post. The first post I made on this blog gets tons of spam it seems, all of it “off topic”. One other giveaway is that the links are to sites that are trying to sell something. Still another is that there are no recorded visits to the site at the time the spam came in.

Wait– that last line– how can that be??

Well, it seems that bots don’t leave much trace in the visitor record. I get a comment with no other trace in the visitor record–it’s a spam-bot, gotta be.

Think about it. Josh leaves a record every time he visits whether he posts or not. I don’t get many visits from Russia, so when I see that in the visitor log I know Josh has been around at least looking. A visit from Belgium— Frenzie took a look-see. The United States– well, there I have a number of possibilities, from right here at WordPress, from my friends at EO, from a Christian forum I post on occasionally and of course a couple of Stateside folk from DnD. Of course I don’t know who visited unless they do post a comment, but I have an idea that a real human visited.

Bots never, by any chance, seem to leave a record in the log. So, bot-spam is easy to spot just by that fact alone. That and the fact that the bots always seem to choose antediluvian posts to respond to– what could be easier to spot and delete before anybody but me ever sees it?

So— bot-spammers, quit wasting your time. It’ll get nuked, I guarantee it.


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