A blast from the past– Russian dating scams

I just got back from a long trip yesterday afternoon, opened my email and there in the “junk” folder I saw an email from someone named “Agnes” (bet that’s not “her” real name). Not much to say, seems her boyfriend dumped her (can’t imagine why) and he’s a douche. Would I be interested in dating her, she’s in Russia, gave her contact info.

Needless to say, I gave this the once-over, then a quick hit of the “delete” key. Been there, done that, didn’t work last time.

About last time: In August 2009 I got into an exchange with “Aygul”. She was “hot” as they say, about 25, blonde and shapely if the photos didn’t lie. Like “Agnes” she just contacted me out of the blue (I didn’t then and don’t now subscribe to any dating services), and in Aygul’s case after two email exchanges she set off from halfway across Russia by train to Moscow, presumably there to get on a plane to take her to Chicago, where she would meet me and– in all probability having nowhere else on this side of the Atlantic to go– probably live with me. She ran into problems in Moscow– could I send 1,100 dollars by Western Union for tickets and visa—.

Nope. First, I suspected from the get-go that this was a scam, and a Google check of her name— she gave me the full name to send the money to– confirmed what I already knew. Even the “love letters” were copy-pasta, only the names get changed. Second, I was in the midst of divorce proceedings from my now-ex wife, and I didn’t have that kind of spare change floating around even if I had wanted to. Third– in the midst of divorce proceedings from a mid-forties wife, the very last thing you need is to have a mid-twenties beauty move in. You get more trouble than you need that way– I guarantee it. So— no money was sent, and the “relationship” ended with Aygul going to the next patsy to see if her luck would be better with him.

Today, I just didn’t even feel like playing with “Agnes” so a quick delete was the best I could do for her.

Now– a quickie thought on something I’ve learned of women. They don’t just come out of the blue and introduce themselves as a general rule. Think about it. Live in an apartment complex. A really hot looking young lady from down the hall gets her mail at the same time you do every day– do you think there’s even a small chance that she’ll knock on your door one day and want to start something? Fat chance. If you want to know her, you’ll have to introduce yourself to her– it’s never her introducing herself to you.

Now, if that’s the case with the beauty that lives just down the hall, what do you think the chances are that a lady from halfway around the world is just going to take a blind chance emailing a man she has never met? Riiiiighhhht. I’ll win the Power-Ball and the Mega-Millions lotteries in the same week before that happens legitimately, and you and I both know it. Women do not– as a general rule– just blindly fire off emails to strangers unless they’re up to no good and they’re trying to scam their next victim. So– that’s the first “red flag” right there. It was in a junk-file, which is an indication that my email filter thought it smelled too– that’s another red flag.

Hmmm— I wonder if there’s something about the month of August and Russian dating scams? Is there a connection, or is it just coincidence? Hmmm…..

Now, if that Nigerian general will come through with the money he promised (/sarc).


2 thoughts on “A blast from the past– Russian dating scams

  1. Editorial note: There are a lot of things that could be desired here that are missing. It’s been noted over at WUWT that the ability for commentators to edit their own comments would be desirable. People make mistakes, catch them after posting and then can do nothing about it because the person posting a comment can’t edit his/her own comment. No preview pane– Josh mentioned that in email– a preview pane would be a definite help here too. Just a couple of ideas in case anybody is “listening”.

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