A thought on Internet security and leaks.

During the weekend, a hacker got into several celebrities’ files and leaked nude photos on the Internet. I touch on this only in passing because it brings the general issue to  the front page.

Now, the problem as I understand it is that these celebrities uploaded photos to cloud storage. Cloud storage is sold to us as a secure way to back up your system and store things “in private” so that–presumably–nobody but you should have access to your stuff. You have this access from any device once it’s in the cloud.

Problem: The Cloud is connected to and is, in fact, part of the Internet. That makes it “hackable”, and–worse– once you store something on the Internet it can get out into the general system, and once that happens nobody can put that genie back into the bottle.

I’m an old-fashioned, Luddite coot in much of today’s stuff, and never did trust the Cloud. The laptop I presently use came with the ability to back up to Cloud servers at HP, and I immediately trashed that idea because I had then and have now no good reason to trust Cloud security. I’m not storing anything “racy”, mind you– but still, I have personal and business stuff that is better just being mine and nobody else’s

CD/DVD burners are too unreliable, as I’ve found, for trustworthy backups. Backups ARE necessary because these things being machines, they can and will fail. Hard drives crash, not frequently, but still when you turn on your machine and you get “No bootable device found” it can really wreck your day.

Thumb-drives seem to be the way to go today. It’s a small device, plugs into your USB port, has an astounding amount of memory available– I have one drive that has 64 gigabytes available–and generally seem reliable enough to trust them. More importantly, you can store stuff on them that you don’t want in any way connected to the Internet. An “air firewall” separates the thumb-drive from the Internet until you plug the device into your computer– from there you have to depend on your computer’s firewall and anti-virus– you DO keep these updated, don’t you– until you disconnect your thumb-drive from the computer.

I don’t have any nudes of myself. Just as well, I can well imagine people paying good money to never have to see that again. “What has been seen cannot be unseen” and all that. But, if I DID have nudes, thumb-drive storage is the way to go. All I have to do is not lose the device or have it physically stolen, and I’m all set.


4 thoughts on “A thought on Internet security and leaks.

  1. Yeah, just straight away “celebrity blah-blah”.
    I don’t say the things are absolutely secure – nothing is. BUT!
    The very keyword in the whole story is (:vomit:)”celebrities”.

    They are idiots (en masse). While your harddrive is secured by firewalls&co., those things are – by…
    Guess what? Your password.
    Yes, it is THE ONLY thing that stands between you etc.
    Passwords will be never stored by the person – unless they’re idiot. They’re never allowed to crack by a (*)ing “security question” – unless you’re an idiot. You’ll never get your cloud precious backup synchronised – unless you’re an idiot.

    The persons in question are idiots.
    Full stop.

      • I’m celebrated for not being a celebrity. Nobody outside of friends and close family even know I exist. Given the way celebrities have to live—- that’s a good thing. I can walk down to the local 7-11 without being mobbed by paparazzi– and that’s no small thing. 🙂

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