Time to replace the old camera.

Josh, I know you had words to say about my photos. So, this might make you happy. See, my old camera– a Fuji 280 Finepix– has finally bought the farm. It won’t turn on reliably, you have to fuss with it repeatedly and in general its day has come. So, today I headed out to the store to do some shopping, got a new camera to replace the old one. This one is a Nikon Coolpix S3600. I still haven’t set it up so at this time I don’t yet know what I’m facing with it, but— it’s different.


First, like the old one it’s a basic point-and-shoot with zoom functions, and probably some built-in editing features to help you take better photos. After that though, big differences. My old Fuji was a 2 megapixel camera. These days you get cell phone cameras that have more megapixels than that. The new one is 20 megapixels. Now, I’m not sure because I haven’t put it through its paces yet, but I have a suspicion 20 megapixels gobble up a lot of hard-drive real estate. Also, too big probably to just post on the Internet without serious running through your editor for size. A 2-megapixel photo will drive many forums crazy, a 20-meg photo probably could be pasted on the side of a building. So, I have a suspicion I’ll be doing some editing before I can post anything done with this camera.

I note that prices have dropped dramatically. Back in the day I bought the Fuji, it cost nearly 200 for a camera that at the time was already being phased out. Today, I barely spent 125 for the camera and a 16 gigabyte memory clip for it. 16 gigabytes– my God. My old camera has a 16 megabyte chip in it, and that was considered huge back in the day. Things change. Well, I guess it’s time to put the battery on charge and see how this new toy is gonna work.


10 thoughts on “Time to replace the old camera.

  1. I’m gladly hailing your purchase – I really am!
    Myself have been going to get a Nikon too. Though of a somehow less capacity – so the price (like 25% cheaper).
    I hope the thing will meet mythe;) requirements and you happily be sharing perfect photos – I’m sure you will;)
    As for the sharing (did you mean my thread you know where?;), it can be that there is software in it that allows the user to crop/resize their shots: like in my (not so but still) old PANTECH cameraphone (cellphone!) there is such a built-in availability, which I have also used – rather frequently. It makes a resize down to some 10-30+ kB, as a predefined and only option though, but I guess you can find something similar in your new gadget now.😉
    As to sharing elsewhere, Facebook won’t ever mind your 20M masterpieces;) while for maybe certain other places you can have a picresizing online service bookmarked (like myself do; I have this one on my Speed Dial in Opera, as well as other places).

  2. I have Photoshop Elements here. I found the place in it to re-size photos for the Internet some time back. On my old computer, I have Corel Print shop Pro, and while it may or may not be as good as Photoshop it manages to get things done OK.

  3. OK, latest camera updates. I’ve had a chance to mess with the new camera and feel it out a bit. I’m not posting anything yet because mostly I’m taking junk photos to see what it does. One thing, I wasn’t wrong about the size of the photos. 20 megapixel produces a HUGE photo, way beyond reason for anything I would do short of making a poster to put up on a building. Fortunately, the camera’s menu gives you options for taking more reasonably sized photos so I’ll be into that.

    Second, I decided to try something with the old camera. I got curious. It uses AA size rechargeable batteries, and it occurred to me that one of the batteries may have faulted. Questionable voltage would cause all of the troubles I’ve recently had with that camera. So, I took the batteries out of the model sailboat— it uses 20 AA batteries– and put 4 of these batteries into the camera. Better believe the rechargeables– at least one of them– had faulted, the camera works now the way it’s supposed to. So, now I have three cameras that work at least somewhat– these two dedicated cameras and the cell-phone camera.

    About the rechargeable batteries: At some time or another, I’ve dropped one or more of these batteries when I removed them from the charger. Dropping a battery on the floor never does it any good, do that a few times and it’s possible to cause internal damage that shortens the battery’s life. I think that’s most likely what happened this time.

  4. For what it’s worth, I’ve been putting the new camera through its paces, finding out a few things. It has the ability to take movies– not long ones, just over 8 minutes seems to be the limit of any particular session– but movies all the same. You-Tube ready, I have no doubt. Now, I’ve deleted all the junk photos I took after seeing what it’ll do and if I had a card-reader that would read its chip– a San-Disk SDHC card– and I find that this laptop has a reader for that card built in so we’re good to go here without installing any additional software. Now I will be doing it “for real” and will be posting photos here in the not-to-distant future so we can all see the results.

      • Josh, it might be a really good idea to settle on one address that you post from. Maybe two. This last post of yours ended in the spam filter, and it’s a lucky thing it ended in the part that it did– the part that Akismet actually allows me to see and doesn’t just summarily delete like they do most spam. I saw this one and was able to clear it because I recognize you.

        Edit; add-on: I just changed the settings so I’ll see everything. Means I have to wade through more spam, but it lessens the chance of a valid comment getting deleted.

        Both cameras are in the same bag, so if I have one I have the other as well. I’ll keep that in mind when I’m in a place where I want to take photos.

  5. Well, I mailed you about certain changes, didn’t I? And I haven’t changed the requisites back&forth recently, so…
    Yes, I wondered myself – it looked like I hadn’t submitted anything… Now I know, thank you. And you can use the latest address to contact me, too.
    (You can delete this very comment if deemed appropriate to – it’s off-topic anyway.)

    • I think I know what tripped the spam filter. Your Opera Forums address doesn’t show what nation it’s coming from. Remember, in the post I have here about spam, that spam-bots don’t show on the visitor’s list? Well— Opera’s forum mail doesn’t show. So– typical spam-bot behavior was the reason. All the other addresses you’ve used show which nation you’re posting from.

      Now, of course you couldn’t know that. You don’t have access to my dashboard, which has a handy app which shows where visitors come from amongst other things. You couldn’t know, in all probability, that Opera is hiding their national origin, probably for tax purposes as well as being able to dodge host-country censorship. but, those things combine at WordPress to indicate probable spam, and that trips the filters.

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