Why Should Christian Men Marry? (Confronting Anti-Male Bigotry in Churches)

I’ve been considering the MGTOW movement, as any reader of my blog knows by now. Most of what is available on the subject seems to be atheistic in nature, so I got to wondering if Christian MGTOW material even existed– or is it a rarity like an Orthodox Jewish Muslim? Well, it turns out there’s plenty of material if one cares to look– like this piece below. It’s way long, but you should take time to read it. This guy says much of what I’ve been thinking of late.

Faith and Society

Have you ever heard of Carolyn McCulley? Carolyn is an Evangelical commentator who recently wrote a book entitled Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? She also attends the same church where the reputable Evangelical author Joshua Harris preaches. At Carolyn’s website there is a quote from another woman writer, Elisabeth Elliot, that is noteworthy:

“Everywhere my husband and I go we meet lovely Christian women, beautifully dressed, deeply spiritual, thoroughly feminine–and single. They long for marriage and children. But what is it with the men? Are they blind to feminine pulchritude, deaf to God’s call, numb to natural desire? . . . Where are the holy men of God willing to shoulder the full responsibility of manhood, to take the risks and make the sacrifices of courting and winning a wife, marrying her and fathering children in obedience to the command to be fruitful? While the Church has been blessed…

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2 thoughts on “Why Should Christian Men Marry? (Confronting Anti-Male Bigotry in Churches)

  1. OK, before somebody I know (we won’t say who, will we) gets worried that I might be getting out of sorts again— nope. The above post is because I did get curious.

    Now– having said that, I’m coming to the realization that playing the “victim” card is a non-starter if you want HEALING from past bad times. Yes, my ex-wife did do bad things to me– no doubt about that. But if I want to be made well, that has to be left in the past. Further, I have to forgive and to the extent possible, try to forget.

    Now the hard part. I’ve been reading some things that make me realize that asking God for forgiveness– for stuff I may have done to others– is vital. Enough of the blame-throwing, that gets you nowhere fast. We all– every last one of us– are sinners, we’ve all done stuff that hurts other people, and all need forgiveness. Forgive not because the other person deserves it, but because you need peace.

  2. It looks like if I want to dredge up some “hits”, all I have to do is either post something like this OR comment on a controversial topic on somebody else’s blog.
    9 hits overall, THIS POST accounted for 4 of those. That’s not a lot, but more than I usually get. I commented a few days ago on a post by “Cute Puppy Love”, the post concerned women having to put up with catcalls in NYC. Now, crude comments are off-limits– I think everybody who wasn’t raised in a barn should know that. But, the women in the video– they made a video about it– seem to think even “Good morning” is out of bounds and should be banned– or something. I think a woman who thinks that is wound wayyyy too tight and needs to lighten up a bit– hey, I’m a guy and people I don’t know sometimes try to start conversations with me– no harm no foul– I said as much and the result is I got 26 visits from “Cute Puppy Love” . Now, I have a suspicion CPL got more hits than usual from that particular post, since her usual postings are about (drum roll, please) cute photos of puppies and kittens and such. I can’t be certain because I’m not privy to other people’s stats, but that’s my suspicion.

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