Another photo

I have to do a whole ‘nuther post because it seems posting a photo to the comments is difficult at best– though apparently it can be done. Anyway– here’s one with actual blue sky. Maybe this time:


This was done with the Fuji, on a clear but blustery (note the blowing leaves in the sky) day.


7 thoughts on “Another photo

  1. Yeah, that’ll do!
    To catch moving objects though, I reckon it needs setting a less – ‘frametime’ it’s called? Which means increasing light sensitivity.
    Just consulted a dictionary: “exposure”, right?
    Well, I could guess anyway – that those are birds… Or are they pieces of litter somebody threw out of their window? 😀
    But the sky’s o’k, no bullshit.(y) 🙂

      • Now that I look a little closer, I suspect they ARE birds. On close-up, those specks get awfully large for leaves– though it was an autumn day and blowing leaves were happening too.

    • It’s like this: If you can get a clear copy-paste of the spot where your photo is, you can make it post in the comments through standard markup. I couldn’t do that for some reason, couldn’t get a clean linkage to my own photos here on WordPress. That was really weird, I’ll have to poke this with a stick and see if I can make it work the way it’s supposed to. Posting in the Opening Post is easy, posting in a comment is harder.

    • (Should that have been “yester” (Opera’s spellchecker doesn’t know this word, though)?)
      On Operaforums, Leushino “got serious” and started his own separate thread on photography. Linux shot something with his Nokia that doesn’t look bad at all. 😉

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