Washer pump problem.

Last Winter, I had a failure of my windshield washer system. What happened was, the hose slipped off of the pump nozzle. This should be a simple fix, cut off the last inch of the hose and slip it back onto the nozzle. Well, there’s a problem there. GM, in its infinite wisdom(?) put the pump in just about the most inaccessible place that can be found. There is no way to reach the thing where it is (see below.) The arrow that you can barely see points to the nearly invisible pump, which is cleverly hidden way down in the dark hole. It cannot be reached either from above or below, and this necessitates removal of the entire tank to do this one simple job.


Did I say removal of the tank? Hey, you didn’t think it would be THAT easy, did you?




Of course not. At a minimum, it requires removing the brake master cylinder and quite possibly the engine-compartment electrical panel before you even think of getting the clearances needed. We’re at a couple of hours of work to do what, at most, shoulda been a five-minute job. So, I said “Nope, not gonna do it” and decided to put in a new washer and tank system. It’s mounted on the opposite side of the radiator from the old system, so hoses and wiring had to be routed to the new pump.


This of course required retrieving the wires from the old pump, a task that turned out to not be that hard– the pump is held in by a grommet and a pin, a pry bar removed the pump from the tank. After that, connecting the wiring using trailer-wiring and tap-splices completed the job. The new tank doesn’t hold as much fluid– less than half of what the old tank held– but at least if this breaks I can reach the thing and fix it.

I note that in any case, the area you have to work with in a Chevy van’s engine compartment is terribly crowded. There’s not a lot of room to do anything because so much stuff is jammed in there already. But, this job is done and it works. On to the next project.



12 thoughts on “Washer pump problem.

    • Don’ make me go full-metal Redneck. You wun’t like me wen I go full-metal Redneck.

      But, just so’s you know I do have the concept of punctuation— Commas are real important. “Let’s eat, Grandpa” is inviting your Grandpa to sit down to supper. “Lets eat Grandpa” is correct, if you are a cannibal.

      • Maybe because it’s more fun the other way. If you’re gonna go full-metal Grammar Nazi here, I’ll go Redneck. Until I’m tired of it and bring it to an end. That won’t take long, I’m thinking.

        Consider that this is about a windshield washer repair, and every post in the comments has been off-topic. Who really cares— or much notices– whether a period is inside or outside of the parenthesis? A Grammar Nazi, that’s who! Hardly anybody else gives it much attention as long as what they’re reading makes sense otherwise.

      • I wonder how much attention I should pay to an invisible man?

        I note that today, I have two visitors. Both visitors are from Brazil. Your comment came at a time when I registered no visits— in between the Brazil visits, actually. In days not long past Akismet would have tagged you as potential spam because you don’t show up in the visitors log. So— we have an invisible-man grammar nazi. Veddy interestinck.

      • I’ve got one last thing to say about this Grammar Nazi stuff, then I intend to leave the matter lay. I suggest anybody else reading this do the same.
        First, I doubt that anybody else comes here to see every jot and tittle examined to see if a period is out of place or if there’s too many question marks– or even to see if I wrote “too” when I should have written “to”. Nobody comes here– I hope– for an English class. I at least come here for other reasons. If you came here to nitpick over every little imperfection— I hereby invite you to take it somewhere else. I really don’t need that sort of thing here.

        I note here that I graduated High School– and therefore English Class— a long time ago. 1975. OK, anybody who notes my age knows it shoulda been 1973, but hey– I got held back in a couple of grades. In any case, these days I make use of my mother tongue as best I can, and unless and until I write this professionally and have a paid editor cleaning up my occasional gaffs, —KNOCK OFF THE NIT-PICKING.

    • Nobody else seems to comment. I have visitors, the logs shows that. Not many usually, only about 3 or 4– but there all the same. If I comment over by “Cute puppy love” I can get a staggering number of visitors on that day or so. A comment on “CPL” will really open the flood gates– but nobody ever comments.

      Anyway—-Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you and your family.

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    Editorial adjustment: I wasn’t sure but I am now about this possibly being spam. The link has been neutered so it leads nowhere. You’re right, you’re not very web-smart, but since your link didn’t work earlier I took a chance. Your post stands because of the question you asked and for no other reason.


    • I’m taking an outside chance that this isn’t a spam, though there are indicators that it is. But– you’re asking a question that can be answered so here goes:
      WordPress offers the basic package for free. That allows all that you see here at the moment, except the personal domain which I’m paying about $10.00 a year for more or less. 3 gigabytes of storage for photos comes with the free package, also they have some free themes which I haven’t made use of— this is pretty basic but they do have some free stuff to “dress it up”.

      For $90.00 a year (US dollars) they have a premium package that allows you to post videos, about ten times as much storage for videos and photos, and of course some more themes. I’m going to be upgrading soon, though I still have plenty of storage space the idea of being able to post video here can’t be passed up all that easy.

      Beyond that— your imagination. What do you want your site to be about? My site is general stuff that occurs to me at the moment, but other blogs are targeted to a particular idea and audience. Do what you want, that’s what blogs are for.

      Hope this helps.

    • Fifa, I know you’re either a bot or incredibly stupid, one of the two, but I gotta try to tell you anyway. Using this place as a place to dump your spam is a losing proposition. Akismet invariably marks your posts as spam, they are never seen by anybody but me, and I delete them at once. Your first post here got in because of the question you asked and because checking your link produced a 404 error so it couldn’t be checked. Now that I know,—- your posts are DOA. Quit wasting your time.

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