A social experiment? Another one? Really?

First, before I say anything else: The biggest number of visits I’ve EVER had to this blog came after I commented on a couple of social experiments on “Cute Puppy Love”. Now, as the name suggests, that blog is normally given to posting video clips of cute puppies and kittens doing adorable cute puppy and kitten things. You could probably get diabetes from the overload of sweet and cute on that site.

However, every now and then she puts up a “social experiment” video from You-Tube where a predominantly Feminist point of view might be reached. One involved an experiment where, first a man beat a woman in public, then a little later a woman beat her man in public. Question– what would you do if you passed by and saw this— would you interfere? In the video, most people minded their own business and stayed out of it– though someone DID interfere when the man beat the woman. Woman hitting the man– nobody interfered, a couple of women passing by gave “right on, sister” type hand-gestures. I commented on this one, and it got me my most visits EVER on this site. I’m guessing that many women there wanted to know what kind of man WOULDN’T cheer a woman beating on a man– but that’s just my wild guess since nobody left a comment here.

There was another one of a similar vein, I commented on it and that comment generated another, lesser but still very large, number of visits here. That one involved a video where a woman walks through New York City for 10 hours, recording incidents of “sexual harassment”. Some incidents were honest-to-God sexual harassment cases, where men were making uncalled-for remarks of a sexual nature to get her attention— but a number of “incidents” were of the type where a man says “Good morning”– no worse than that– and that also seemed to be regarded as harassment. This last one a couple of days ago I haven’t commented on there– instead I’ll do that here, then provide the link here so you can see the site for yourself. First, the link:


This involves a man abusing a woman on an elevator (gee, where have we seen that story) and the question of what you, as a witness to this, would do about it. Of course just about every armchair-quarterback here would say “If I was there I’d stop it!”, but apparently it doesn’t work out that way in real life. A lot of people move Heaven and Earth to not get involved, on the principle that “It’s no business of mine”.

Now as it happens I was a male victim of domestic violence so for me this sort of thing gets a little personal. I know all too well that if you’re a man and your wife is pounding on you, you can expect no help from anybody else. You can’t defend yourself because the instant you lay a hand on her, you’re a big bad old wife-beater and the “white knights” in our population will make you regret your decision to defend yourself. Even calling the police may be of little help, though I understand things have changed somewhat it’s still not likely to produce a good response if a man calls the police because his wife is hitting him.

So— here’s my stand on it. I think it goes without saying that if a man hits a woman, knowing that he has the size advantage and he figures she can’t take him even if she tries to defend herself, then he is a coward and a bully and frankly, I have no sympathy for him if her brother, father, other friends or the police hammer him. He’s got it coming. If a woman beats up her husband or boyfriend, knowing that he can’t defend himself because he believes that a man should never hit a woman, or that if he does try to defend himself that her brothers, father, other friends or the police will make him regret the decision to defend himself against her attack—- then guess what. She is a coward and a bully, and fully deserving of any bad things that happen to her from then on.

I really don’t care who hits who— in a domestic situation nobody should be hitting anybody. Man, how can you hit your wife and be able to shave the next morning? You have to look in the mirror to do that, and the person looking back at you is despicable. Woman, how can you hit your husband and the next morning you’re able to put your make-up on? You have to look in the mirror to do that, and the person looking back at you is despicable.

How about stop hitting each other, then let’s put these “social experiment” You-Tube videos in the trash-can where they belong.


3 thoughts on “A social experiment? Another one? Really?

  1. Gotta be first to leave a comment here, doggone it.

    OK, looking at my last sentences in the opening post: I shoulda knowed better. (That should get a rise out of Josh if nothing else.) Teaching people not to hit each other is about as easy as teaching the sky not to rain on the day of your big company picnic. Nice if you can do it, but nobody’s promising anything. So, I freely confess it was a silly statement.

    So— next best thing, listen to your friends when they tell you there’s something a little “off” about your SO. They may have spotted something invisible to you because of the tendency we all have to willfully blind ourselves to serious flaws in the one we’ve chosen to mate with. I confess here that I certainly overlooked a number of vital clues, had I listened to certain of my friends beforehand I would be in much better shape today. Yes, I was warned, no, I didn’t listen, so what happened next falls on me for that reason alone.

    This comment comes about because of some MGTOW stuff I’ve been seeing lately. Seems Feminists want to change things around. Instead of teaching women how to protect themselves from rape, let’s teach men not to rape.

    Two problems with this: 1, the vast majority of men are NOT rapists. Period. It’s a personal affront to treat us all like we’re uncouth savages needing to be taught something most of us know anyway. 2, the men who really need this wouldn’t pay attention anyway. It’s like teaching murderers not to murder, armed robbers not to rob and so on. The guys who have rape in their hearts aren’t gonna stop just because you put them through sensitivity training. If anything, that’ll make them angrier and you’ll have a worse problem than the one you’ve got now. So— like it or not, teach people how not to be victims. We’ve had sin in the world an awfully long time and it doesn’t look to slack off any time soon.

  2. OK. I had one comment to this post that wasn’t mine. Problem: It was clearly to place a link, and the comment couldn’t be more off-target if you tried.

    I know it’s hard to make like you actually read the post you’re commenting on, but at least try. Who knows, maybe it’ll make a difference.

  3. OK, the hit-counter (bad pun not intended) shows me that people are at least looking at this post. So, how’s about dropping in and saying “Howdie” at least? The only people I’ll absolutely deny are spammers. For the rest– like anybody else, I’d at least like to have a handle on who is out there.
    So– say something, already– eh?

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