As a man thinks in his heart……

OK, before anybody blows a gasket, I know we don’t think with our hearts. That, supposedly at least, is what our brains are for. But, it’s a bit of scripture that I’m grabbing for the purpose here, because of some other things that have come to a head.

First, you should know that I’ve been having a look at the MGTOW movement. That of course colors my thinking a bit these days. I would like to see what these guys mean by “going their own way” in regards to other things besides not trusting women– it seems most MGTOW videos can be summed up as saying “Woman bad” or words to that effect, but leaving you to suspect that these guys haven’t really got anything else on their plate besides that. The reason I consider them these days is obvious enough, I’ve been through two divorces, a bankruptcy because of divorce #2 and a few rather shambolic dating experiences in the twenty years between the marriages to the same woman. So the belief that women might be less than trustworthy is an easy one to get into.

Howsomever, this post isn’t directly about that. It’s about something that has been bothering me more and more the last few days, and was brought to a head this past Sunday during the sermon.

The Pastor based his sermon on the first couple of chapters of 1 Samuel, where Samuel’s future mother and father are going to the priest to offer up the yearly sacrifice. The father has two wives, one has had children and the other has not, and the one who has not had children is deeply saddened because of this. The husband tries to console his wife by stating how much he loves her, but to no avail.

Now, my pastor chose to comment that this was typical husband not understanding almost ape-like behavior, and that got me to thinking. It wasn’t how oafish the wife’s husband was. It was how my pastor, a man, could continually run down men by parroting the line that men are little better than Neanderthals, barely walking erect and able to make grunting noises, dependent on our angelic wives to bring us the little civilization we’re actually capable of.

That actually gives rise to another question and this is rather serious so pay attention.

Scripture tells us that as men, we are supposed to be the head of the household, the spiritual leader of our families, making sure that we do all that God commands to lead our families in the way they should go. Our wives are commanded — yes, commended– in scripture to respect us as head of household and the one she turns to on biblical matters. I submit to you that this is IMPOSSIBLE if she is also being taught– by our Christian leaders no less– that men are little above cave-men, that she should think of her man as a four-year-old who shaves (yes, I actually read that in a book written by a Christian man, supposed to help wives communicate with their husbands) and so on. I want to know how on Earth it is even remotely possible to get her to respect your authority as head of the household if she has to regard you as, at best, a playful puppy.

Now, as it happens I go on record here and now as rejecting utterly all of that nonsense. I am a man, created in the image and after the likeness of Almighty God, being formed by Him for every good work which it will be His pleasure to have me do. I am not a Neanderthal, and refuse to be regarded as one. It’s been a loooooonnnggggg time since I was four years old, and it’ll be a looooooonnnnnnnngggggggggggeerrrrr time before I date a woman who thinks I am one. Frankly, I am content to remain as I am this day rather than ever date again any woman who thinks she is “civilizing the savage” or taking over where my mother left off.

Now– I want to see some of you folk that I know are following, and that I know are reading— I see the stats– comment on this. How about it, what are your ideas? If you’re not a spammer, I’ll authorize your post whether you agree with me or not— sometimes the best conversations are with people we disagree with but agree to talk to all the same.


2 thoughts on “As a man thinks in his heart……

  1. Quickie note: I have just gotten another long run, so I’ll be out of area for a couple of days. Soon as I get back I’ll authorize any legitimate comments and we’ll go from there. Part of the hazards of expedited freight, I go when the phone rings.

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