Microwave– Part 1

OK, maybe the only part. It depends on when/if my landlord decides he wants to get another microwave to replace the old one. I have one in the basement of this place that we’re using, but–let’s face it, the basement ain’t the kitchen.

So, anyway, the old one he had was mounted under the cabinet and the desire is for the new one to mount the same way if possible. The old unit bought the farm about a year and a half ago– did I say when/if? and it fell upon me to figure out how to get the old one down. Here we go.

This is the old unit as it was the day it had to come down. Kinda small today, I doubt it would make a good choice for a college dorm where all you’re gonna do is make popcorn and boil water for instant coffee. I doubt that it’s even 750 watts.


I had to find a suitable support, since this device is mounted to the cabinet above. My landlord’s roller skate box fits perfectly. Good, because dropping a microwave onto my foot didn’t figure in the top-ten list of things I want to do.


Straps and screws inside the cabinet hold it up. Two straps, one on each side, four screws to be removed. The yellow thing is a Tee-shaped screwdriver which just happens to fit so you have room to make it work.



The unit removed safely and placed on the table. If you click on the photo, you’ll be able to see the four holes in the top of the microwave. These holes contain a threaded insert mounted beneath the metal, this allows the screws to securely hold the microwave to the cabinet.


Not bad, whoever installed this knew what he was about. Beefing up the bottom of the cabinet strengthens the mounting in a number of ways, not least of which is preventing the materials from bowing as you tighten the screws.

Part 2 to come— whenever.

Edit; add-on: I’ve been sizing up the situation, and it doesn’t look like a new unit is going in any time soon. At least not unless landlord is willing to spend beau-coup biggebucks. The problem is that any unit of decent size will put the magnetron right over the range, which will of course subject the unit to heat. Magnetrons do not like excessive heat, and bad things happen when they take too much heat from a stove. They make microwaves that can handle this, but they cost. Like, five hundred dollars and up. ¬†Further, to gain room for the unit the cabinets would have to be re-done. Otherwise, a unit that can be as much as seventeen inches below the cabinet will be right over the oven controls of the range– and of course this would never do.

There ARE work-arounds of course. Inventive people can find ways to make things work. When I had a studio apartment, a utility cart served the purpose of supporting the microwave and the devices you would need for using it effectively. That’s one idea, of course there are others. It depends on what you want to do and how much you’re willing to spend on it. But, as of now it looks like his ideas may die stillborn “as is”.


Edit; add-on 2: Then again— a trip to Target this afternoon resulted in the purchase of a new microwave that just happens to fit— tight, but it fits. So, now I have to figure out how to make that happen. More later— with photos of course. Might as well show everyone my wood-butchery.


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