I wanna hide!

Now would be a good time.

I just got a call from the ex-wife. Nothing too formidable in her request, she needs me to send her a copy of the divorce papers because she lost her copy. OK, that’s easy to do and I can have it done tomorrow morning.

The issue of WHY she needs the copy……. oh, boy. Her son burned the house down in a fit of anger. He’s in prison again, arson being the crime it is. Everything was lost. So– call me for a copy of the divorce papers, and I reckon she’ll piece together the rest of it.

Seriously, I thought this was all done and over with last year. Shows what I know, eh?

Edit; add-on: She called back since I wrote the above. It stands as is, nothing to be changed or I would change it. I will say in her defense that she was decent tonight, so I have no cause for complaint in her behavior tonight on the phone. The copy of the divorce papers have been made (these all-in-one printers are something else, I used to require three machines to do what this one machine does today) so all that has to be done is to slip the copy in an envelop and mail it.


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