North Korea trying to ban a movie–worldwide??

By now, everybody and his brother knows that the FBI and the CIA are convinced that North Korea is behind a hack attack and threats of terrorism in an attempt to stop a movie from coming out, and at least for the moment Sony has capitulated and chosen not to release the movie. I wonder how well that effort would have worked IF the movie had been released.

The reason why I wonder this is because I live near Chicago, and I am old enough to remember a dust-up when our own “Fearless Leader” at the time– Richard J Daley, Mayor of Chicago, tried to get a book banned. The book was “Boss”, written by newspaper columnist Mike Royko.

See here:

Now, when Mike was asked what he thought about the attempts at banning, he is reported as saying he was thrilled, and wanted it to happen more. See, absolutely NOTHING is better for book sales than getting people enraged enough to ban your book. Unless maybe it’s getting people enraged enough to burn your book. Folk want to know what is so “out there” that the powers-that-be will try to ban it, and of course we have the “Hip” culture that will buy anything that is “out of the mainstream”

So— it’s possible— just possible– that this attempt to ban a movie will have the opposite effect to the one desired by Dear Leader and his fellows. If the movie IS ever released, it might have sales way in excess of what it otherwise would have gotten IF North Korean hackers hadn’t tried to terrorize Sony into not releasing it. Because of the hack attack, now people who otherwise wouldn’t have wasted time–let alone money– on the movie will now consider it one of their “Must Haves” when/if it comes out. Because nothing—- absolutely NOTHING– is better for sales than a good banning.

So– supposing I ever DO write a book, I see that great writing, editing, a publisher and marketing are all important. Seems I need to figure out how to get somebody angry enough to try to ban it, too. If I can get my book banned somewhere, I’ve got it made!

Edit; add-on: OK, so how did that attempt at banning work out for you, North Korea? Let’s see—- hmmmm….. “The Interview” probably won’t play at certain major movie houses for a week or so, BUT– it has been released to a number of “Indie” movie house for Christmas Day, it will probably be released on DVD for home viewing— and it can be viewed right now on You-Tube.

Nothing— absolutely NOTHING— is better for a movie release than an attempt at banning it, or so it appears. I’ll have to remember that if I decide to make and release a movie. Gotta get it banned somewhere, sales will skyrocket even if the movie really stinks.


One thought on “North Korea trying to ban a movie–worldwide??

  1. North Korea! Why this obsession? I worked in Korea with RCA for two years decades ago not from the border. Nobody at the small base where I lived gave NK a second thought. Now the region and our country is obsessed. Of course, at the time Kim Jong Whatever didn’t have the BOMB. Still, I find the obsession puerile.

    Kim Jong Whatever, take a rest.

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