End of year stats.

The year is coming to an end and as so often happens, folk decide to see what the old year looked like and what the new year might look like. The server-monkeys have put together the stats of these sites so you can see what happened here in 2014.

First, it’s not quite accurate. Not all the server-monkey’s fault, but it seems that a few more visitors got counted than actually showed up. One visitor in particular has used multiple variations of his name so he shows up a lot in the comments, but under different names from different spots on the Web. Of course, I speak here of Josh. He has the most comments under three or four different variations of the name, I come in second, after that it’s a long way until you find the next person who said anything.

My blog started here a little more than a year ago, as “My Opera” got ready to toss the lot of us in that community into the street, so to speak. They gave us a few months to find other places for our blogs and photos, after a bit of searching for the most likely spot I chose this one for the blog and, as it happens, a good place to put photos. 2liv3.com was chosen for a few photos too, but it turned out not to be a good choice because it made sharing photos very difficult. To this day, I would have a fit trying to place a photo from there onto a forum post, as an example.

Speaking of forums— oh, boy, this year has been a rocky one for that. My Opera forums bit the dust in March, they have a new forum up but I’m not terribly impressed with it. Vivaldi is up, I don’t play there much so can’t tell you much about it. DnD is up and running, we seem pretty solid there so maybe — just maybe. That takes care of the My Opera community and its “lifeboat” offspring.

Now we come to the forums that actually bother me a bit. I was on Christian Forums for a few years, but their moderating became problematic so I decided it was time to leave. A few of us went to “Friends Without Benefits” which lasted for a few weeks before it ran into problems brought about by personal issues with some of the members. FWOB folded, then those of us who were left of that went to “A Quiet Place”. AQP is still in business, but I had a falling out with them over goings-on that I personally couldn’t stomach— I’m inclined to hold my peace on it so don’t ask– and so I’m not there anymore.

This year has not been overly good for my participation in forums, it seems.

About this blog: I keep saying I’m going to upgrade, and soon it’ll happen. The ability to post videos, the increase in storage for photos– and videos when I do that– and upgrading the general appearance of the place- I have to admit this place is a bit too “plain jane” to be really attractive– is becoming too much to resist, so the upgrade is coming sooner rather than later. With it, undoubtedly I’ll open up at Facebook too— for the purpose of increasing traffic here if for not other reason. Maybe I’ll even plague Josh over at his FB site– he’s been asking me to join him after all– which is something I can’t do until I do open up at FB.

We’ll see what the new year brings, in the meantime here’s what the old year here looked like:



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