Laptop camera spy-guy stuff.


Late last year and earlier this year, we had some kerfluffle about the NSA and other spook organizations getting into our personal stuff and, amongst other things, turning on web cameras and microphones to spy on us without our knowing. Above, see what the built-in camera on my laptop sees. Not terribly exciting is it? OK, ladies– please take a number and wait your turn– but otherwise not all that exciting. Me, in all my work-clothes glory, in my “home office” on this machine. For those interested– yes the photo is recent– a couple of days ago in fact– taken while I had some time and was curious about what this machine can do. That same camera does video, so when I upgrade here I’ll be able to run actual video from this camera “for what it’s worth”.

Now, I guess the actual point is that for most of us, the privacy concern really isn’t all that great. You can’t imagine anything less interesting for a spook to have to look at day after day after day than the photo or video above. Wild guess that most stuff within range of a laptop camera is gonna be like that. If I could get a peek at you sitting by your machine,– yeah, unless you’re a real heart-throb and you’re running your laptop in a pleasure-room, it’s probably pretty boring to look at what your camera puts out too.

So— when discussing NSA spying on you’nme, my wild guess is that we’re actually talking of the SPIRIT behind unauthorized snooping, and not any actual danger of getting caught doing something. But— that spirit behind unauthorized snooping is still important– so important that it’s forbidden in spirit in the Bill of Rights, and is not to be casually dealt with.

We trash our right to privacy at our own peril, and once we let our government trample our rights it won’t be so easy to get those rights back.

OK— having said that– I’ll probably post a couple of photos right here on the blog, and of course anything here is publicly view-able, so obviously a bit of license is given to government snoops who see a photo posted right out in the open here. That’s my thought for the moment.


2 thoughts on “Laptop camera spy-guy stuff.

  1. butchcountry67 says:

    just call me Captain Paranoid, but honestly i put duct tape over the camera lens on my laptop and cotton and duct tape over the built in microphone, why? because the mere thought of some jack wagon being able to turn on either or both devices without me knowing just scares the jinkers right out of me

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