New Years Resolutions.

This is the time, every year, when people traditionally resolve to do all the good things they shoulda been doing all year but never get around to it. I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to making big promises I can’t keep about how I’m gonna lose 50 lbs, do wonders in the community and so on. Maybe this year.  Lord knows, I could stand to lose the 50 lbs or so, last time I stepped on a freight scale it said I was the correct weight— for a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. So, a halfway decent exercise program would be a great start. For the rest—- maybe some resolutions we can actually keep would be in order. Like the following, as an example:

today i will

Hey, it’s a good place to start anyway. What are you promising that you CAN keep, and what are you promising that you know you’ll break before the sun goes down tomorrow? Comments are open, only absolute spam will get trashed— everything else will get approved.


3 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions.

  1. I don’t do much in the “Resolution” department myself. Why bother? We all know most resolutions are broken within weeks– if not within days or even hours– anyway.

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