How’sabout speakin’ “Howdie”?

As of this writing, I have 57 views today by 54 people, 39 of those views from one source– I replied to a “Cute Puppy Love” blog post yesterday. So— don’t be a stranger. Pull up a chair and sling a yarn or two. I’d sure like to know who’s looking in on me, and the only way to do that is for you to comment– otherwise, I just know numbers and countries those numbers hail from. This thread— of which this blog post is the opening– is general discussion— only spam will get dumped, anything else decent gets approved– and once you’re approved, you’re “in”.

Special note to “Adrienne of StarSEO Marketing”. I have a question. That question is “Why should I trust you?”

Adrienne, if you can put the ad-bot aside for a moment to post a legit comment stating why I should trust you, maybe– just maybe– I’ll “listen”. If what you say makes sense, maybe I’ll even become a customer. Who knows, more surprising things than that have happened.

However, let it be known right now that any and all “bot” traffic will get


Now, I think I’ve made my stand clear enough. How about you? Any honesty in you, or do I just keep deleting your bot-spam?


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