Criminal Stupidity

Lately, stories have been coming up that make me wonder if our criminals possess enough smarts to get out of their own way. I have serious doubts.

The reason is that of late, I’ve been hearing of some of the most bone-headed stuff imaginable. The latest one involves a would-be terrorist who bragged about what he was gonna do on Twitter. Somebody saw it, notified the authorities and they set the guy up so he thought his plans would work— until they arrested him.

A couple of days ago, a story came out about a couple of teenage girls serving as nursing assistants at a nursing home. While assisting a 94-year-old woman back into her bed, one of the girls began slapping the elderly woman with a belt. While the woman cried out, the girls laughed. One of them used her cell-phone to record the abuse, you can hear the woman crying and the girls laughing at her. Posted to a social-media website, it didn’t take long for authorities to be notified and the girls arrested. They face charges now. I’m not sure which is more criminal– abusing the old lady like that, or being so dumb as to record it and then post it to a website.

Several months back, a bunch of thugs beat up a man in an alley in Chicago. Yep, one of the thugs recorded it on his camera and posted it to a website. The cops showed up and arrested the lot of them, and the video evidence will undoubtedly be strong against them.

This worries me. I wonder if our schools are teaching anything— at least the 5th Amendment. I wonder if parents aren’t so drugged or drunk out of their minds that they’re not teaching their children anything— at least basic stuff about not leaving a record of the crime you’re about to commit/have committed. It’s obvious nobody is teaching not to commit the crime in the first place, so we can rule that out.

OK, quickie lesson on the 5th Amendment. It says the government can’t compel you to testify against yourself. At least that’s the lie they told me. Think about that for a moment. If you do something bad, and later get caught for it— the government has to prove in court that you did the dirty deed you’re being charged with. Why make it easy by providing video of you doing the dirty deed and laughing with your friends while you do it? You post it to social media, and the instant you post it you lose control over who gets to see it— even if you set it to “friends only”. One of your friends may decide he’s not going to go to jail for you so he rats you out, now the authorities arrest you and they have evidence which you yourself provided to lock you away. Bright move there, son.

Remember the OJ trial? Lots of people know he did it, but the state couldn’t prove– conclusively– that any of the evidence against him couldn’t have been engineered by the police to set him up. So, OJ walked— not because he was innocent, but because the state couldn’t prove his guilt. Now, imagine if he had set up a camera to video himself killing his ex and her new guy—— with that kind of evidence, OJ would be sitting in a prison cell today, a victim of his own stupidity.

Not much more I can say here….. the people who need to read it won’t, the people who should read it to them won’t, and about the only comments this might get– six months from now– is from spammers, if current trends continue. But, I had to vent and this is the place for venting.

Hmm….. maybe I should open up about not teaching basic right and wrong in the first place—–but again the people who need to see it won’t and at best I’ll be preaching to the choir.


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