The Greatest False Idol Of Modern Christianity

I’ve been reading similar material elsewhere. So, do you want to side with the two who said God is bigger than the giants, or do you side with the ten who said the giants are huge and we can’t defeat them?

john pavlovitz

Idolatry is a horrible, dangerous thing.

Sadly, far too many Christians are so very guilty of it.

You can see it in the way they complain on social media, in the way they comment on the news of the day; in the defeatist, alarmist language that they use as to describe the world.

You see it in the way they furrow their brows, and throw-up their hands, and slam their pulpits.

It shows-up in the lazy stereotypes and the religious rhetoric that flows so easily in church lobby coffee chats and extremist blog rants.

It’s as if everything has now become an imminent threat: Muslims, Atheists, Gays, The President, inner city criminals, Hollywood, illegal immigrants, The Government, school hallways.

The world outside the church building is broadly painted as a vile, immoral war zone, with “God’s people” hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned.

Parroting the politicized talk show hosts and reposting the latest terrible news stories…

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One thought on “The Greatest False Idol Of Modern Christianity

  1. Are we part of the ten, or part of the two?
    When Moses sent the 12 spies into the land the first time, two of them– Joshua and Caleb– came back with a good report, that the land was indeed as promised and that Israel, with God fighting for them, could certainly take it. The other ten spies came back with reports of the giants, and they were terrified because of the giants.

    Now, these were men who had seen God do great things. He had delivered Israel from the Egyptians– at that time THE world superpower– and He had completely trashed Pharaoh’s armies. He had fed them in the desert, had provided water where there was no water, in short had proven that He is able to handle any problem—- yet still, the people of Israel feared the giants.

    It cost them dear. 40 years of wandering was to come, because they let fear over-ride what they had seen God do for them.

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