Yep— I drive a van–.

I just made a reply over by CPL, and if things happen this time the way they have in the past I expect some visits. With that in mind, and because I admitted to occasionally living in a van— how’sabout some photos? OK, here we go:


The above photo shows the Grey Lady partially filled with income-producing freight. That day I was helping  move a guy from one office to another, a side-job from my regular gig but not all that different. In my regular job— I put anything that pays in, from a little box weighing twenty pounds to two pallets weighing twenty-five-hundred pounds— it’s all the same, I get it there.


Above, my bed. A cot supports a twin-size air mattress. The green blanket used to be a sleeping bag, it’s actually quite warm in its own right and doesn’t need much help if the temps are above freezing. In the event that I have to nap while I have freight on board, the driver’s seat reclines and I have a neck-pillow that does wonders. (Don’t worry, I’ll be at a rest-stop in park and engine off while doing that.)


Colder nights may require me to fire up the “Big Buddy” heater, above. I’ve rarely had to fire both burners, one burner generally provides all the heat needed.


The fan, above, backs up the efforts of the heater. It moves air, and helps keep the heater from using up all the oxygen/creating carbon monoxide or doing other bad things. I keep one of the front windows open about two-fingers wide to assist in this. Note the pink foam insulation above the fan. 3/4 of an inch thick, I should have gone double that but it works as is. Foam panels on the ceiling and the walls… it gets the job done.


The fan is powered by the mighty “Gang of Four” battery pack. This allows me to run the fan all night if need be without having to worry about the main starting battery in the morning– the van will start, because the starting battery will be fully ready. This pack only runs the fan, so I can get away with using four gel-cells like you might find in emergency lights. Some of my Expedited friends use marine batteries, even heavy-duty commercial deep-cycle batteries because they’re running refrigeration, office equipment, 12 volt DC to 120 volt AC inverters, heavy load stuff. I’m just running a fan. I have to mention this because Turtle might come this way, and he’ll blow a gasket for sure if he thinks batteries are being misused. “Batteries don’t die, their owners kill them!”


How about some coffee? That coffee pot ain’t the greatest, but it’ll make 16 ounces of brew if you’ve got half an hour or more to wait for it. Not one of my better purchases, twelve-volt powered stuff just doesn’t make the grade and I don’t care what they say. Besides, Pilot/Flying J coffee is easy enough to get and doesn’t take as long.

Quickie add-on note: That coffee maker “didn’t live long”. It was soo poor at heating water– as I said, half an hour or more– that nobody in his right mind would use it more than once, or at most twice. How they can sell this junk I would not be knowing, but I bought one, tried it and — fergidaboudit.

Well, that’s about it for the moment. Maybe later, some halfway decent road-trip photos.

Been thinking about it— it’s just not right that I don’t give others here the place where I got the idea to post this from. So– CPL has a post about a guy who lives in a small apartment. Really small. Like, about the size of a decent studio apartment if the video doesn’t lie. So— here’s the link, so you can follow along if you’re of a mind.


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