Hey Church, Remember There Is Something Much Worse Than Sin

I’ve had occasion to think on these things recently– because of something I saw while hanging out with ministers, no less. Carloads of “religion” but lack of love will kill as sure as if you used an AK47.


“Hey Maw!!! It’s another desk-clearing!!”

Yes, it’s time I clear a few more thoughts in a single post, since it’s been awhile since the last one.

Top on the list, today being the day it is: Today is the 6th anniversary of the night I was practically driven out of our third-floor flat, with screams of “Make the divorce happen” and her hitting the back of my head repeatedly to reinforce the point. Spending the night in the van was ruled out quickly because a Sprinter simply won’t hold heat at idle, and my Sprinter wasn’t set up with the nifty toys that make camping in a vehicle during cold weather possible. Today I can do it, but back then the “Big Buddy” heater was still a future purchase. So– I called my sister, who already knew I was likely to be in trouble, and was invited to her and her husband’s place to sleep on the sofa. That was the last night I would ever dream of calling “our” flat “home”. The divorce became a done deal that November.

Second thing. I get a lot of bot spam, same as most bloggers probably do. Of late, much of it is SEO stuff. Funny thing about that. You need SEO if you’re trying to sell something– a product or a service. Maybe somebody could take some time, read these blog posts and see if you can figure out what I’m trying to sell, then report in the comments of this post. I’d really like to know, since it’s a mystery to me.

Now, SEO– which stands for “Search Engine Optimization” for those that don’t already know, is a procedure that is supposed to put your site– this blog for example– at the top of the search engine listings. If you’re trying to sell widgets, or books, or your grandma’s pie recipe, being at the top of Google’s list gets you the most possible traffic. Being in the middle of page #20 of Google’s ranking is a pretty sure way of not getting seen by anybody, since by then even the most diligent searcher has gone elsewhere.

The problem is this: The search engines really don’t like getting “gamed” by businesses each trying to be top dog, and most people using search engines really aren’t looking for your business anyway. So– the engines change the algorithm every so often just to make life interesting— and to make the search results relevant to their primary customers who want answers to their questions without having to wade through pages of businesses advertising on the engine. So you, the guy trying to sell something, end up with the equivalent of chasing invisible unicorns across endless rainbows in your search for SEO greatness.

Needless to say, my short research leaves me unimpressed with SEO as a means of improving business if I should chance to try it on the Internet. But, if one of these SEO giants that keep spamming me could put the bot aside for the moment, actually LOOK at this blog and determine (A) what I’m trying to sell and (B) how SEO could be of any conceivable  use to me on this blog— maybe I’ll  OK it for the comments to THIS POST.

Third item: I’ve recently opened up on Facebook. Maybe I can make this blog work with FB– maybe not. Time will tell. Right now I know this blog has possibilities that FB lacks, so of course I’m camped here for the foreseeable future. I can link this to FB, not too sure yet how I would put a link to my FB page on here though. If you’re a Facebook member, look up Michael McMillan. When you see this gentleman staring back at you, you got the right place.


Do You REALLY Understand Healthcare?

I’ve had these questions for a long time— part of the reason I haven’t got coverage right now (besides that it’s way too expensive). It’s a racket– no doubt about it.


MedizinYou’re sick. You begrudgingly take off work, using your last sick day of the year available to you. You’d rather not go to the doctor, but your boss is requiring a doctor’s note.

You drag yourself out of bed, buckle the screaming baby up in the car seat, drive to the doctor and sign in.

You provide the receptionist with your insurance card. You write a large check for your deductible (the very reason you’ve been avoiding the doctor). On top of that, you owe a copay, and this is ONLY if that doctor accepts your insurance provider….

Has anyone ever stopped to ask, “What’s going on here?” If you’re practically having to take out a loan to pay your deductible, and you’re expected to fork up a percentage of your bill, then what are your premiums going toward? Insurance retention?

But if we’re all honest with ourselves, I bet we’d…

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