One of these days….

One of these days I’m just gonna have to start writing stuff here. Stuff somebody would actually want to read. I will say I have some excellent teachers here (by which I mean other WordPress bloggers). There’s a guy who is a young man, and an accomplished author in his own right, several books already to his credit. There’s a guy nearly 30 years younger than I am, writing about his life after divorce a couple of years back. He has the advantage (for writing purposes) of being a journalist— I am definitely NOT a journalist. There’s a fellow up in Canada, not much younger than I am, who is managing to keep it together and write of his life after having buried his wife of nearly 18 years (she succumbed to cancer).

Right now, this piece is filler. My writing suffers from having too much material when I’m on the road and allowing my mind to wander freely, and having no material at all when actually considering this blog and sitting at this keyboard. I suppose I’ll just have to stop giving away so much stuff on the forums that I get addicted to and see if I can bring some of it here. It’s good stuff— but spread to the four winds the way it is, it’s a wonder I can write anything.

‘Til then…


“Why the hell not?”

OK. I have to share this one. Anybody that can’t figure out why is beyond hope– stuck forever in Egypt because of not being willing to risk the trip to the promised land. Or something like that.

Must Be This Tall To Ride

Holden Caulfield doesn't get everything wrong.(Image courtesy of Holden Caulfield doesn’t get everything wrong. (Image courtesy of

I’m reading The Catcher in the Rye for the first time.

Holden Caulfield is the protagonist, and while we don’t share a ton of similarities (largely because I’m 20 years his senior, and grew up in a small Ohio town), we share two ideas I think are really important.

1. We can be intelligent and well-educated even if it’s accomplished in unconventional ways and mired in self-doubt. 

Thomas Edison. Albert Einstein. John D. Rockefeller. Walt Disney. Bill Gates. Richard Branson. Charles Dickens.

Icons, all.

School dropouts, all.

All that means is, while I very much respect people with advanced degrees in higher education, and people who use traditional channels to educate themselves and advance their careers, the thing that really kills me is when people don’t play by the rules.

When people don’t ask for permission to do something with…

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This Joyful God

It’s the Resurrection Weekend, and with that thought in mind it would be a sin if I DON’T reblog this. The whole Christian faith hangs on what happened on those days during the Crucifixion and Resurrection, without this– and most particularly the Resurrection– we would just have another religion.


The Popeye pics.

I’ve made promises that I would post some pics I took on a recent trip to Perryville, Missouri. In getting there from here (here being the Western ‘Burbs of Chicago) I take Interstate 55 down to the 33 mile marker, exit there and take two-lane highway the rest of the way in. Part of that route takes you through the town of Chester, Illinois– which just happens to be the home of the man who originally inspired the Popeye cartoon character. Yep, the guy who eats too much spinach, fights a guy several times his size and tries to win quite possibly one of the ugliest women in the Western Hemisphere. That Popeye. In any case, Chester is as proud of their home-grown hero as Metropolis, Illinois is proud of being associated with Superman– so a few photos from that trip.


A bronze statue of Popeye in all his glory.


This plaque commemorates the man who was the inspiration for the cartoon character.


This sign welcomes you at the park where the statue is located.


Seems some real heroes– namely Louis and Clark– showed up around here on their famous overland crossing too.

DSCN0093 DSCN0094

This covered bridge is just up the road from Popeye. Can’t pass up a chance to photograph one of these old beauties.

DSCN0095 DSCN0096


Where I stand on ever marrying again.

First, it’s not gonna happen. After the last go-around, I haven’t even dated, much less gotten serious enough to consider marriage. There are reasons for this.

1. This is big. Being of a Christian belief, I have to listen to people tell me that after divorcing, even thinking about marrying somebody else– there’s no possibility of restoring the former marriage for a host of reasons– is committing adultery. Why the divorce happened— adultery, substance abuse, domestic violence– she hit me– doesn’t matter. You’re divorced, no more marriage for you, you adulterer!!! So, right there it becomes a non-issue. But, what if we work around that one?

2. I fail the “Boaz test”. After two marriage and divorce cycles (same woman) and a bankruptcy following the last divorce, I was and still am financially devastated.  Can’t be helped, it just sorta works that way. Having jobs in an industry that doesn’t pay great doesn’t help matters much either– and at 60 years old it’s getting a little late in the game to hope for miracles in the financial department. But, many a pastor will be eager to tell his single ladies not to marry a guy who isn’t loaded, so there we are. Actually, the only failures I have on that test are the financial ones, but there we are.


3. Then there was something I saw the other day. Seems there is a form to fill out before you can marry a man’s daughter, and about a third of the way down the list it says “Do you own or drive a van? If you do, do not continue” to fill out the list. Automatic disqualification if you own or drive a van, apparently. Hmmm, about that:


So—– guess that leaves me out, eh?

Not that it matters much. After last time, I pretty much went MGTOW anyway, so marriage just isn’t that likely an event. OK, I’ve got this off my chest now and that is the purpose of this post.