Where I stand on ever marrying again.

First, it’s not gonna happen. After the last go-around, I haven’t even dated, much less gotten serious enough to consider marriage. There are reasons for this.

1. This is big. Being of a Christian belief, I have to listen to people tell me that after divorcing, even thinking about marrying somebody else– there’s no possibility of restoring the former marriage for a host of reasons– is committing adultery. Why the divorce happened— adultery, substance abuse, domestic violence– she hit me– doesn’t matter. You’re divorced, no more marriage for you, you adulterer!!! So, right there it becomes a non-issue. But, what if we work around that one?

2. I fail the “Boaz test”. After two marriage and divorce cycles (same woman) and a bankruptcy following the last divorce, I was and still am financially devastated.  Can’t be helped, it just sorta works that way. Having jobs in an industry that doesn’t pay great doesn’t help matters much either– and at 60 years old it’s getting a little late in the game to hope for miracles in the financial department. But, many a pastor will be eager to tell his single ladies not to marry a guy who isn’t loaded, so there we are. Actually, the only failures I have on that test are the financial ones, but there we are.


3. Then there was something I saw the other day. Seems there is a form to fill out before you can marry a man’s daughter, and about a third of the way down the list it says “Do you own or drive a van? If you do, do not continue” to fill out the list. Automatic disqualification if you own or drive a van, apparently. Hmmm, about that:


So—– guess that leaves me out, eh?

Not that it matters much. After last time, I pretty much went MGTOW anyway, so marriage just isn’t that likely an event. OK, I’ve got this off my chest now and that is the purpose of this post.



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