The Popeye pics.

I’ve made promises that I would post some pics I took on a recent trip to Perryville, Missouri. In getting there from here (here being the Western ‘Burbs of Chicago) I take Interstate 55 down to the 33 mile marker, exit there and take two-lane highway the rest of the way in. Part of that route takes you through the town of Chester, Illinois– which just happens to be the home of the man who originally inspired the Popeye cartoon character. Yep, the guy who eats too much spinach, fights a guy several times his size and tries to win quite possibly one of the ugliest women in the Western Hemisphere. That Popeye. In any case, Chester is as proud of their home-grown hero as Metropolis, Illinois is proud of being associated with Superman– so a few photos from that trip.


A bronze statue of Popeye in all his glory.


This plaque commemorates the man who was the inspiration for the cartoon character.


This sign welcomes you at the park where the statue is located.


Seems some real heroes– namely Louis and Clark– showed up around here on their famous overland crossing too.

DSCN0093 DSCN0094

This covered bridge is just up the road from Popeye. Can’t pass up a chance to photograph one of these old beauties.

DSCN0095 DSCN0096


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