One of these days….

One of these days I’m just gonna have to start writing stuff here. Stuff somebody would actually want to read. I will say I have some excellent teachers here (by which I mean other WordPress bloggers). There’s a guy who is a young man, and an accomplished author in his own right, several books already to his credit. There’s a guy nearly 30 years younger than I am, writing about his life after divorce a couple of years back. He has the advantage (for writing purposes) of being a journalist— I am definitely NOT a journalist. There’s a fellow up in Canada, not much younger than I am, who is managing to keep it together and write of his life after having buried his wife of nearly 18 years (she succumbed to cancer).

Right now, this piece is filler. My writing suffers from having too much material when I’m on the road and allowing my mind to wander freely, and having no material at all when actually considering this blog and sitting at this keyboard. I suppose I’ll just have to stop giving away so much stuff on the forums that I get addicted to and see if I can bring some of it here. It’s good stuff— but spread to the four winds the way it is, it’s a wonder I can write anything.

‘Til then…


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