How about some photos of a little house, eh?

I need to update this critter, and besides– I kinda made a promise that I would share something. So–.

A few years back– in fact before marriage #2, so I’m thinking 2005 or thereabouts– my then-girlfriend-to-be-wife and I went out to Galena, Illinois. We stopped off at the US Grant House/Museum (I’ll have to stop there again and get better photos, the ones I have from that trip are garbage– my fault, I tried to take indoor photos without flash) and on the grounds there is a small house that served as a place a family lived in way back when. There’s not much to look at. One room, heated by a stove in winter. The family slept upstairs– up ladder really– in a small loft above the main room, this loft was heated by the stove-pipe coming up through the loft on its way to the outside. By comparison, sleeping in my van is like sleeping in a palace. I mean, try to understand that people really lived like this– and were glad to have it. OK, here’s some photos, I’ll try not to butcher things too bad.


This sign mounted on the house explains the thing rather well.


The front entrance. Yes, this house– about the size of a garden tool shed– actually housed a family on the Illinois prairie.


Here’s the back/left side of the house. I’m not just a woofin’– this place was tiny.


Looking inside, to the left rear wall. The stove you see in the lower left provided heating and cooking in the winter months– I’m not sure I’d want to cook indoors in that place during the summer, but if they did that’s where they did it. The ladder leads to the sleeping loft “upstairs”. See a two-man saw hanging on the rear wall.


The right rear corner. Pretty much the rest of whatever furniture they may have had. No TV, no Internet, no microwave, probably only got the Sunday paper when they went into town to go to church, and since space was at a premium I can well imagine that the books they had were the Bible (goes without saying) and a handful of classics that no educated man could be without. Books like “Odyssey” the works of Shakespeare, that sort of thing.

So– that’s it for this edition of “This small house”.


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