Driveway replacement part 2

This is an ongoing thing, seems rainy June weather is asking and giving no quarter. Today was rainy, so no work was done. These photos are from late last week.


This one shows what, exactly, was under the concrete. Most of these are like that. No gravel– maybe pea gravel if that. Not much in the way or reinforcement– the stray rebar, but not nearly enough for a proper job. Playground sand. I kid you not, playground sand underneath the concrete. How on Earth they ever got away with that I’d not be knowing.

0619150828 0619150828a

0619150830 0619151552

0619151553 0619151553a

0620151222 0620151222a

That’s as it stands at the moment. Power is restored to the garage and to the rear bedrooms– you don’t want to think of the jury-rigged system I used to have Internet and limited power during the time the garage feed was torn up. No vehicle that isn’t a 4WD with a winch can reasonably hope to navigate the drive right now– rain has turned it into a sopping mess. If the weather will begin to cooperate, maybe we can get some progress.


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