Upgrading to Windows 10

Yes, folks, I decided to upgrade too. This isn’t gonna be long because others have already done the deed and reported on it.

I made the switch from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 just a bit ago. Of course it’s a long-winded update, might as well order a pizza while the machinery does its thing. However, once the new system is installed things are surprisingly painless.

It goes without saying that I took standard operating procedure and backed up everything I can’t afford to lose onto other media, but– surprise surprise, I won’t have to use the back-up. Even signing into this site, which I expected I might have to go through the whole sign-in procedure on, was no problem. Since I never sign out, I just clicked the icon and– here we are.

So– the show so far is about as painless an upgrade as I personally have ever experienced with Windows. Butchcountry has been writing about his experience– he’s had it for a day and a half or so– and he seems ecstatic about it so that makes two of us so far.

AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! One of the biggest annoyances of Windows 8.1 was that touch was employed in the built-in mouse. You could hardly use the right half of the mouse-pad on this machine without something happening that you didn’t want to happen. Now—- that annoyance is gone! Good riddance too. I can use the full pad without having unfortunate things happen– in fact everything works the way it’s supposed to if you’re trying to do anything practical with your PC/Laptop. I still have Touch on the screen— but seriously, if you have a mouse and a keyboard why would you want to put fingerprints on your screen.


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