This post is just to let anybody who actually reads this know that I’m still here.

Actually, I’m thinking of becoming quite a bit more involved here in coming weeks. First of all— renewal time comes up for this blog anyway. Since I have my own “domain” rather than an “” address, I pay a little bit anyway. Not much, we’re talking pennies here really. But still paying for the special name all the same.

I’ve been thinking that I’ll probably go premium here as well. You get a lot more space in the deal— and while I’m in no danger of using up what I have here yet it’s still something to think on. The premium comes with the ability to post videos too– a feature which the “free” side of this lacks, so that is being considered now that I have (a) several cameras that do video on some level or another and (b) a video-editing tool that may be some good and now I have space–as yet untapped but I have it– on You-Tube— so the possibility of linking here to there and back again is to be considered.

I remember reading one of the fellows I followed at the time decided to drop his WordPress account and concentrate his efforts totally on Facebook. Now, as it happens I have a Facebook account and to be quite honest I’m a trifle less than favorably impressed with it. So, if anything I’m apt to drop FB and concentrate more of my efforts here. It’s true that I don’t seem to have much of a readership here– nobody comments and the only visits I seem to have are SEO bots— and anybody who asks can get quite an earful of my rather low opinion of SEO bots. Still— this place has potential which the other place lacks. So— in the next few days I’ll renew and also beef up/dress up this place.


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