A bit of catch-up— warning, this is probably not one of my better efforts.

Last week, of course I renewed this blog. Good for another year. No biggie there.

As it happens: A couple of weeks ago this day, my ex-wife called and asked for forgiveness. Now, forgiveness isn’t something Jesus gives us a lot of latitude about. A person offends you, then later asks forgiveness– you forgive. No if, and, or buts.

Last week, she called asking me if I would be willing to give her and her grand-baby a lift to see her son— not right away mind, but within a few months. Right away I have a problem, which is that theĀ Grey Lady is NOT a 3-passenger vehicle. In fact, I can’t legally ride small children in it at all because there’s no place to secure a child-seat. There’s the driver’s seat and the shotgun seat— that’s it. Placing a child-seat in the shotgun seat is a no-no because of the airbag, which— in the unlikely event of a collision— could very easily kill the child. I would have to rent a car for the occasion, which jacks up the price of the trip remarkably.

In any case— it’s not to be. Within moments of that call she sent a text. If I don’t love her, just say so and she’ll quit calling. Uh, oh— trouble’s a-brewing. I sat on that one. Called again, wondering why I hadn’t answered the text. I needed time to think. That evening, she called twice in quick succession, then left a text saying she got the message. I responded to that text— and from there it went downhill on an express avalanche. By the end, I was a liar, evil she wished she had never called me and all the rest of it.

OK— the crazy is out of the way. I don’t usually block phone numbers, but this time it seems the thing to do. Still wonder why I don’t wanna do that again?


Here for another year

Just did it. So— I’m here until December 1st of 2016.

I do have it in mind to seriously upgrade this, there’s things I just might do that will make this worth reading. (Seriously, with my posting schedule and the stuff I’ve put up I don’t know that I blame folk for not coming here— I admit I haven’t offered much.)

Now I gotta think a spell about how to make this worthwhile. One idea involves dropping the idea of posting things to other places that I could post here.

Now, I DO have some fine teachers here. A guy who’s writing adventure novels and he tells you what he’s up to almost on a nightly basis (I don’t know what time it is where he is, but I receive his post notifications usually around 1:30 in the morning Chicago time). I haven’t actually read his books—- but if his blog posts are any indication maybe I ought to buy a couple of his books. Even a short blog post from him shows promise.

There’s a guy up in Canada that tells of his life in the plains of his homeland— good reading there too. There’s others too of course. I’m subscribed to something like a dozen blogs, only had to delete one klinker– and that because of a political difference that I couldn’t override, not because what he wrote wasn’t otherwise worth considering.

Now— the problem with upgrading is cost. Right now what I have costs $26.00 for the year. That mainly buys my own domain name– I don’t have .wordpress.com tagging along for the ride in the address bar. Otherwise this would be a freebie for the most part. Going premium costs. Getting a premium theme costs more. Somehow before I do that I have to make this worth your time and my time.

OK— enough “under the hood” talk for the moment. Let’s see what I can do with this thing.