Greetings. I am Michael McMillan, I’m 58 years old as I write this, and an expedited driver by trade. I live in the Western ‘Burbs of Chicago, Illinois, about 20 miles due West of Chicago’s Loop. I drive a cargo van, picking up and delivering freight in ASAP time frames much of the time. No set schedule, the phone rings and I go. OK, that’s life these days.

I’m twice married and twice divorced, both times to the same woman. Presently living the bachelor life since November of 2009.

I’m a member of the local Assemblies of God church, Pentecostal Christian beliefs and traditions. Been a member since March of 1983.

Recently, a bunch of us who are regular posters on the MyOpera forums and blogs got the bad word that MyOpera is coming to an end, March 1 is the final day for them. So, the lot of us are finding other places to migrate to in the time we have and that brings me here. Enjoy the ride, if y’all wanna know more just ask– if it’s not an out-of-line question I’ll probably be happy to tell you.


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