How about a little help here, eh??

It’s like this, d’ye see? I’ve been following some married Facebook friends, and they tell how to make marriage work—-well, sort of. The problem is that it all runs one way. If the husband wishes to have a long-lasting marriage, he is advised to give up his friends (wife doesn’t think they’re good enough) give up his hobbies (too dangerous or expensive or both) and in general get used to the idea of being treated like a 4-year-old who shaves by his wife.

I want to know how this makes for a long marriage. I just don’t see how. If dear wife subscribes to the “If a man speaks in the forest and there’s no woman to hear him, is he still wrong” theory, then communication between husband and wife MUST die because of the massive disrespect shown to the husband. (Incidentally, I saw that quote on FB, and the chorus of women who say “Yes, yes, absolutely yes” is mind-boggling.)

So— hubby trudges off every day to long hours at a job he hates to make money for a woman who despises him (sorry ladies, calling it like I see it) and he is eventually blindsided by the divorce she files because “He’s not the man I married”. Gee, I wonder how that happened.

So, what I want to know is—- how does any of this make sense? As a man, it looks to me like the smart move is to fight shy of a deal that only destroys me in the end. I’d like to believe it would be different– but when I see so many of my FB friends painting the bleakest possible picture of marriage (if you’re a man) it just doesn’t look different.

Tonight, I will share this post on FB— because I really want a sensible answer, either in the comments here– look to the left of this blog for the comments, if you’re not a spammer I will authorize your response— or on Facebook.

‘Til later—.


A bit of catch-up— warning, this is probably not one of my better efforts.

Last week, of course I renewed this blog. Good for another year. No biggie there.

As it happens: A couple of weeks ago this day, my ex-wife called and asked for forgiveness. Now, forgiveness isn’t something Jesus gives us a lot of latitude about. A person offends you, then later asks forgiveness– you forgive. No if, and, or buts.

Last week, she called asking me if I would be willing to give her and her grand-baby a lift to see her son— not right away mind, but within a few months. Right away I have a problem, which is that the Grey Lady is NOT a 3-passenger vehicle. In fact, I can’t legally ride small children in it at all because there’s no place to secure a child-seat. There’s the driver’s seat and the shotgun seat— that’s it. Placing a child-seat in the shotgun seat is a no-no because of the airbag, which— in the unlikely event of a collision— could very easily kill the child. I would have to rent a car for the occasion, which jacks up the price of the trip remarkably.

In any case— it’s not to be. Within moments of that call she sent a text. If I don’t love her, just say so and she’ll quit calling. Uh, oh— trouble’s a-brewing. I sat on that one. Called again, wondering why I hadn’t answered the text. I needed time to think. That evening, she called twice in quick succession, then left a text saying she got the message. I responded to that text— and from there it went downhill on an express avalanche. By the end, I was a liar, evil she wished she had never called me and all the rest of it.

OK— the crazy is out of the way. I don’t usually block phone numbers, but this time it seems the thing to do. Still wonder why I don’t wanna do that again?


Here for another year

Just did it. So— I’m here until December 1st of 2016.

I do have it in mind to seriously upgrade this, there’s things I just might do that will make this worth reading. (Seriously, with my posting schedule and the stuff I’ve put up I don’t know that I blame folk for not coming here— I admit I haven’t offered much.)

Now I gotta think a spell about how to make this worthwhile. One idea involves dropping the idea of posting things to other places that I could post here.

Now, I DO have some fine teachers here. A guy who’s writing adventure novels and he tells you what he’s up to almost on a nightly basis (I don’t know what time it is where he is, but I receive his post notifications usually around 1:30 in the morning Chicago time). I haven’t actually read his books—- but if his blog posts are any indication maybe I ought to buy a couple of his books. Even a short blog post from him shows promise.

There’s a guy up in Canada that tells of his life in the plains of his homeland— good reading there too. There’s others too of course. I’m subscribed to something like a dozen blogs, only had to delete one klinker– and that because of a political difference that I couldn’t override, not because what he wrote wasn’t otherwise worth considering.

Now— the problem with upgrading is cost. Right now what I have costs $26.00 for the year. That mainly buys my own domain name– I don’t have tagging along for the ride in the address bar. Otherwise this would be a freebie for the most part. Going premium costs. Getting a premium theme costs more. Somehow before I do that I have to make this worth your time and my time.

OK— enough “under the hood” talk for the moment. Let’s see what I can do with this thing.



This post is just to let anybody who actually reads this know that I’m still here.

Actually, I’m thinking of becoming quite a bit more involved here in coming weeks. First of all— renewal time comes up for this blog anyway. Since I have my own “domain” rather than an “” address, I pay a little bit anyway. Not much, we’re talking pennies here really. But still paying for the special name all the same.

I’ve been thinking that I’ll probably go premium here as well. You get a lot more space in the deal— and while I’m in no danger of using up what I have here yet it’s still something to think on. The premium comes with the ability to post videos too– a feature which the “free” side of this lacks, so that is being considered now that I have (a) several cameras that do video on some level or another and (b) a video-editing tool that may be some good and now I have space–as yet untapped but I have it– on You-Tube— so the possibility of linking here to there and back again is to be considered.

I remember reading one of the fellows I followed at the time decided to drop his WordPress account and concentrate his efforts totally on Facebook. Now, as it happens I have a Facebook account and to be quite honest I’m a trifle less than favorably impressed with it. So, if anything I’m apt to drop FB and concentrate more of my efforts here. It’s true that I don’t seem to have much of a readership here– nobody comments and the only visits I seem to have are SEO bots— and anybody who asks can get quite an earful of my rather low opinion of SEO bots. Still— this place has potential which the other place lacks. So— in the next few days I’ll renew and also beef up/dress up this place.


Upgrading to Windows 10

Yes, folks, I decided to upgrade too. This isn’t gonna be long because others have already done the deed and reported on it.

I made the switch from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 just a bit ago. Of course it’s a long-winded update, might as well order a pizza while the machinery does its thing. However, once the new system is installed things are surprisingly painless.

It goes without saying that I took standard operating procedure and backed up everything I can’t afford to lose onto other media, but– surprise surprise, I won’t have to use the back-up. Even signing into this site, which I expected I might have to go through the whole sign-in procedure on, was no problem. Since I never sign out, I just clicked the icon and– here we are.

So– the show so far is about as painless an upgrade as I personally have ever experienced with Windows. Butchcountry has been writing about his experience– he’s had it for a day and a half or so– and he seems ecstatic about it so that makes two of us so far.

AND WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! One of the biggest annoyances of Windows 8.1 was that touch was employed in the built-in mouse. You could hardly use the right half of the mouse-pad on this machine without something happening that you didn’t want to happen. Now—- that annoyance is gone! Good riddance too. I can use the full pad without having unfortunate things happen– in fact everything works the way it’s supposed to if you’re trying to do anything practical with your PC/Laptop. I still have Touch on the screen— but seriously, if you have a mouse and a keyboard why would you want to put fingerprints on your screen.


Driveway– final.

This finishes up the driveway series. The job is complete now, has been for a few days. The Grey Lady takes her spot once again on the patio in back of the house, awaiting the next run (which happens tomorrow– to Waterloo, Iowa if all goes according to plan). So– the remaining photos.

DSCN0156 DSCN0157

The first one, the garage floor is complete. On the right, the patio is partly in.

DSCN0158 DSCN0159

Two more of the garage. The box is part of the drain system to be installed at the end of the garage apron. Tree such boxes, with piping to carry away rain water. Our neighbors– who flood all the time anyway because they’re downhill– will undoubtedly love this. These are the last of the incompletes, the remaining photos are of the completed driveway.

DSCN0160 DSCN0161

On the left; the completed patio, on the right, the drains at the edge of the apron/beginning of the drive.

DSCN0162 DSCN0164

On the left– a shot from the patio, facing the neighbor’s fence. On the right, down the drive to the street. A front-loader made a bit of a mess of the yard. That’ll be fixed later.


Final photo. From the front of the house to the garage. The bike by the corner of the house belongs to the owner of the house, he actually has two of these machines.


This is it for the driveway series. My next posts concern other things.



Driveway Replacement, #3.

We move right along. Destruction of the old driveway is complete, stone has been laid, wire reinforcement is partially in place, and with luck maybe this coming week we can see actual concrete getting poured. The dumpster and the Bobcat have been removed, but still nothing lacking 4WD could get into the drive because of clearance issues if nothing else. Some photos— no captions, I think it’ll be self-explanatory. I took them this morning so this is how it stands right now.

DSCN0150 DSCN0151

DSCN0152 DSCN0153

DSCN0154 DSCN0155