Something that bothered me a bit on the road…

I am an expedited driver in my regular occupation. In the course of my regular business I visit truck stops for gasoline (I drive a Chevy 3/4 ton van) coffee, using the restroom and so on. I occasionally buy books there of a religious nature, givenĀ  that I am a Christian this is to be expected of course.

The thing that bothered me was the way some of these Christian books are written. I understand they’re written by ministers for the most part and therefore will have a “professional minister” leaning towards them as a rule, but even then I thought a couple of them went to an extreme. One would think, to read these books, that God only answers the prayers of professional ministers and that the rest of us are filling church pews as much as anything— and that bothered me more than a little. The latest book I picked up was about not worrying because God has everything covered, and once you open the book there are stories of God stepping in and doing miraculous things for people who really need help– and page after page seemed to be about people who either were already in active ministry or were being called by God into active professional ministry.

So, that got me to thinking: What about the rest of us? Most people attending church will never serve on a pastoral committee. Most will never get closer to being a professional minister than you get when you greet new people who visit your church. When you pray as a member of the congregation, do you reasonably expect God to take time from His busy schedule with the professionals to answer you, to guide your steps and so on?? If He only answers the pastors and maybe the deacons but no lower than that, what are the rest of us to do??

Personally, I’ve read enough of scripture and had enough personal experience to know that it isn’t quite the way these books would portray it. I am, as already stated, NOT a professional minister– my profession is along different lines, being that I’m an IC driving for an expedited freight outfit. I know from personal experience that God does answer my decidedly non-professional prayers, one concerning a lost set of keys was answered this very day just a couple of hours ago as a matter of fact.

I think a few comments might not be a bad idea here, maybe you’ve had some personal experience. A little bit of balance showing that this faith isn’t all in the hands of the professional ministry– as much as we need them and God be praised for the good men and women He has called– but is also in our hands– yours and mine– and I especially mean you, the guy who just came to church a week ago and still doesn’t know what all of this “faith” stuff is about.

Special note: I know that some people reading these blogs are atheists. I’ve had dealings with atheists before so a word to those: If you keep it civil I can welcome your comments as well. Once it gets to the point where it’s apparent all you want to do is give Christians a hard time for believing in what you consider to be fairy-tales– I’ll have no more truck with that sort of thing. I watched a couple of atheists destroy a believer’s blog elsewhere with their snide comments, and since this site gives me tools that the other site didn’t have to deal with it I intend to use those tools to good effect. So– keep it civil and decent and I’ll allow the comments. Start name-calling and belittling people who believe differently than you, and your comment will be gone like yesterday. Capiche?