Gee, do ya think maybe I should say something about Duck Dynasty?

Seems everybody else is so I might as well put in my buck-eighty.

First, to get this out of the way, Full Disclosure Time: I’ve never watched Duck Dynasty, in fact I haven’t watched any A&E show in some time. I know what the show is about and who is on it because it’s impossible not to know unless you’ve been living in a cave way back in the woods, the DD stuff is everywhere these days.

So– my quickie thoughts. As a Christian, I agree with the sentiments expressed by the fellow who got suspended from the show. No surprise there, eh?

About the First Amendment stuff: Here it gets murky fast, so bear with this. The GOVERNMENT can’t bar you from speaking your piece on these issues. The FBI can’t storm into A&E’s offices and order them to fire the guy for saying he doesn’t like LGBT types.

After that, though– First Amendment rights become less clear rather fast. Behold the comments section on these blogs. Nobody has the “right” to make a comment that offends– or even that the host blogger simply doesn’t like. Here on this blog, I’m the “benevolent dictator” and I make the final decision about what stands and what gets deleted even before it sees the light of day. That’s a truth about every blog, by the way– your comments are subject to the whims of the host blogger you’re commenting on– get used to that. Further, I have someone over me– the above mentioned– and if I say something that makes life uncomfortable for my host I can expect some sort of action– up to and including having my blog taken down. At this level therefore, First Amendment rights are NOT an absolute. Freedom of the Press is for those who own the presses, not necessarily for those who write angry letters to the editor.

In the “real world” I am an independent contractor– IC for short– driving for an expedited freight outfit. If I go into a shipping dock and express my First Amendment rights to shoot off my bazoo about the first thing that enters my head, the customer may call the company and then the dispatcher may inform me that my contract with them has expired, they don’t need me anymore. That’s just the way it is, so of course I have to watch myself and keep it professional in my dealings with the people I see every day.

So– I side withe Duck Dynasty fellow in his beliefs– however, having said that, A&E is within its rights as a corporation to decide who they employ and under what conditions. You, the TV viewer, are entirely within your rights to decide whether you will view A&E ever again, and if so you decide what shows you will watch and why you watch them. For any reason or no reason.

Keep looking up….