Driveway– final.

This finishes up the driveway series. The job is complete now, has been for a few days. The Grey Lady takes her spot once again on the patio in back of the house, awaiting the next run (which happens tomorrow– to Waterloo, Iowa if all goes according to plan). So– the remaining photos.

DSCN0156 DSCN0157

The first one, the garage floor is complete. On the right, the patio is partly in.

DSCN0158 DSCN0159

Two more of the garage. The box is part of the drain system to be installed at the end of the garage apron. Tree such boxes, with piping to carry away rain water. Our neighbors– who flood all the time anyway because they’re downhill– will undoubtedly love this. These are the last of the incompletes, the remaining photos are of the completed driveway.

DSCN0160 DSCN0161

On the left; the completed patio, on the right, the drains at the edge of the apron/beginning of the drive.

DSCN0162 DSCN0164

On the left– a shot from the patio, facing the neighbor’s fence. On the right, down the drive to the street. A front-loader made a bit of a mess of the yard. That’ll be fixed later.


Final photo. From the front of the house to the garage. The bike by the corner of the house belongs to the owner of the house, he actually has two of these machines.


This is it for the driveway series. My next posts concern other things.