Sometimes, it takes faith….

I’ve just been reading another fellow’s blog– I’ll post the link below– written by a man who is taking a considerable leap of faith, leaving the security of a regular job for the irregularity of earning his living by his writings. It’s a well thought out move by the look of it, but a leap of faith none the less. I thought enough of it that, besides writing this post, I’ve also decided to follow his blog and of course it goes without saying that I “liked” it too.

It seems to be a common thing amongst “entrepreneurs” that working the standard nine-to-five isn’t for them, and they take off into the “Great Unknown” on a venture that is by no means guaranteed. You who work regular jobs get a steady paycheck, but it turns out these guys have more fun at what they do than you do. Imagine waking up on Monday morning and looking forward to your day of work. Many of these guys do just that. They may not make enough today to keep the lights on without help, but they dream and work towards the day when their businesses come together and make a decent living, doing what they love to be doing.

I’m not quite in that same class– I’m an independent contractor, driving my van in the expedited business– but in a very real way it’s an act of faith to believe that this day, the “Gray Lady” won’t break down and will get me and my freight there, and me back home again. I have to admit I like this “job”. There’s nothing at all regular about it, I can be called to do a run at any time, I can sit for three or four days between runs, the runs I do get may be long ones or short ones– I get paid by the mile so the length of the run matters–and of course we can’t forget about the weather and what it can do to you. But, I wouldn’t miss this for a chance to work in a cubicle or on a factory floor, not by a longshot.

I admit I have half a dream of someday being able to do like the fellow in the link I’m about to post has done– quitting a regular job to write for a living– but that day is not today. Maybe in the not too distant future, I’ll have enough readers to justify taking such a chance. I can hope, my 58 year old body won’t be able to move freight forever, but writing can be done– physically at least– long after I can’t drive anymore. Actually, my dream these days is to get something that works with my driving job— I like this gig– and the idea of being able to keep doing it for as long as possible has a definite appeal. In the meantime, driving gives me material to write about so maybe it’s all good as they say.

Here’s the promised link, I personally think the young man has something worth saying. Enjoy.